Department of Media and Publicity

Department of Media and Publicity (Jieyang Jia,贾捷阳)

Objective: Department of Media and Publicity is a newly founded department which provides design and production services to ensure the publicity of activities organized by ACSSS, and to maintain the public image of ACSSS as a student organization. Those services mainly include graphic design (posters, banners, flyers etc.) , multimedia production (audios, videos and animations), and general design consulting. Department of Media and Publicity also offers workshops on graphic and multimedia design to all members of ACSSS.

Jieyang Jia

Jieyang Jia,贾捷阳

Jieyang is currently a Phd candidate in Electrical Engineering. He received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in EE at Stanford in year 2013, and is currently enjoying his sixth year as a Stanford student. As an experienced computer graphic artist and multimedia designer, Jieyang has been involved in many multimedia projects led by student groups at Stanford over the last six years. He is now dedicated to building the Department of Media and Publicity as a strong design team, which not only can provide excellent service to ACSSS, but also offers opportunities for all Chinese students at Stanford to exhibit their talents on design and production.