Department of Media and Publicity

Department of Media and Publicity (Charlotte Xia,夏丹青)

Objective: Department of Media and Publicity is a young team that provides internal design and production service to the activities organized by ACSSS and reinforces external image of ACSSS communicated to the entire Chinese population in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our main goal is to craft compelling digital experiences, design visual assets for various publicity deliverables including social media graphics, animations and video shorts within the context of Chinese culture. Department of Media and Publicity also offers workshops on graphic and multimedia production to all members of ACSSS.

Charlotte grew up in Shaoxing, China. She has since lived in Shanghai, Ann Arbor, Paris and Boston, working as a model and materials engineer, and now is pursuing her M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford. She joined ACSSS in 2015 and has been instrumental in the successful launches of the Mid-Autumn Concert and Lunar New Year Gala. In her new role, she will mainly focus on the multimedia design and production of publicity deliverables, saturation of digital, print, social media to expand public awareness and impact of ACSSS. In her free time, she loves outdoor activities. Her most unforgettable camping trip was on the shores of Hebgen Lake, Montana. This is a secret, hidden gem after miles of driving through burnt-out forest!