Department of Public Relations

Department of Public Relations (Han Xu 徐晗)

Objectives: Han is a 3 rd year student at Stanford, working concurrently on her B.S. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering with a focus on integrated circuits and VLSI systems. She grew up in Hangzhou and spent four years in Rhode Island before coming to Stanford as an undergraduate. Aside of her professional interest in the semiconductor and hardware industry, Han is also enthusiastic about music and sports, with years of devotion in classical piano and ice skating. As the VP of the Public Relations Department, Han aspires to leverage her communication skills and detail-oriented work style in establishing and maintaining a professional and mutually beneficial working relationship between ACSSS and various social organizations.

Han Xu 徐晗

The public relations sector strives to bridge social connections of ACSSS and its student body with companies, universities and charity organizations in the U.S. Our department manages the fundraising procedure, actively seeking for sponsorships with local/international firms and partnerships with universities and colleges. We are responsible for informing the partners, sponsors, and the general public of ACSSS’ leadership, operations and service, as well as communicating with the news media when seeking publicity and responding to public feedbacks. Starting in 2016, the public relations department will also make effort in reaching out to local non-profit organizations and charities for potential volunteering opportunities.