Department of Public Relations

Department of Public Relations (Jason Jiang 姜壬丰)


  • Build connections and maintain good relations with various social organizations, including companies, universities and charities;
  • Inform the public, partners and sponsors of  ACSSS about its leadership, operation and services.

Renfeng Jiang

Jason Jiang 姜壬丰

Jason is a M.S. student majoring in Energy Resources Engineering at Stanford University. Before joining ACSSS, he was the department head of Public Relation (PR) of Student Union at China University of Geosciences (Beijing) and has worked in PR for three years to build and maintain connections with various social organizations. As the VP of PR Department, he focuses on fundraising, bridging social connections of ACSSS and its student body with companies, universities and charity organizations in the U.S. In addition to his role in ACSSS, Jason has diverse academic interests both in conventional and unconventional resources and professional interests in investment strategy in oil & gas industry.