Department of Social Activities

Department of Culture and Social Activities (Rui Liu 刘锐, Shutong Zhang 张舒彤)

Objectives: The Department of Social Activities serves Chinese students and scholars mainly inside but not limited to ACSSS community. The past two years have witnessed our strengthened capability to bring joy to more Chinese in the Bay Area. The events that we hold are very diverse, mainly including Welcoming Party, New Year Party, Graduation Party and Chinese Singing Championship. Other events like Speed Dating show our willingness to enhance students’ happiness. We are ready to embrace every opportunity to collaborate with other departments of ACSSS or other student’s groups/clubs in related events, and will spare no efforts to create a more welcoming and entertaining community.

Rui Liu 刘锐

Rui is currently a 2nd year student in the Civil Engineering Department. He is pursuing a PhD degree at Stanford. Rui got his Bachelor Degree in Management from the School of Management at Tianjin University, and a second Bachelor Degree in Finance from Nankai University. He is an extremely gregarious and energetic person, who loves to reach out to new friends. He is an active member of Stanford Feiyu Drama Club, and is one of the main actors in a skit for 2016 Stanford Spring Festival Gala. During his spare time, he loves playing basketball and working out. As the co-VP of Department of Social Activities, Rui is determined to bring more happiness and splendidness to ACSSS community.

Sutong Zhang 张舒彤

Shutong Zhang is a master student in the Computer Science Department. Before coming to Stanford, Shutong received her Bachelor Degree in the School of Software, from Tsinghua University, Beijing. As the co-VP of Department of Social Activities, she would try her best to provide the opportunities for anyone who loves social activities. Not only would we organize some traditional social activities for Chinese students, for example the Chinese New Year Gala, the Chinese Singing Competition and etc., we would also love to explore more fun events for the students in Stanford University. In her spare time, she loves watching movies and TV series. Also, she has passionate on playing sports, especially volleyball and she loves watching sports games as well.