Department of Student Life and Sports

Department of Student Life and Sports (Yunpo Li, 李云坡

ObjectivesOur department holds competitive sports games and recreational events to make life more relaxing and enjoyable for Stanford’s students and scholars.  Our events in the past year include badminton and ping pong games, milk tea social, pool party, Lantern festival gathering, and so on. In addition, we are responsible to provide free airport pick-up for new students, facilitating their smooth transition to life at Stanford. Overall speaking, our goal is to make sure that everyone can have fun and make friends with each other while working hard at Stanford.

Yunpo Li, 李云坡

Yunpo Li is currently a MS student in the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Before coming to Stanford, he received his bachelor’s degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in Environmental Science and Engineering. As the VP in charge of student life and sports, Yunpo is passionate about serving students and scholars through organizing various activities and games. He is also very warm-hearted and always willing to make friends with people. In his leisure time, Yunpo enjoys watching movies and animations, as well as travelling and reading.