Secretary General

Secretary General (Karen Duan 段依然)

Objectives:  Office of Secretaries helps ACSSS run smoothly by coordinating activities across different departments, organizing administrative materials and managing public information platforms. More importantly, we work on connecting members within ACSSS and bridging ACSSS with the general population. We hope to organize regular social activities among members in ACSSS in order to facilitate the coherence within our organization, and we aim to inform people of our latest activities and opportunities by sending out weekly newsletter and wechat messages. In addition, we would like to provide Chinese students here a platform to showcase their work and life at Stanford through our website and wechat public account.

Yiran Duan 

Karen Duan 段依然

Karen is a Ph.D candidate in department of psychology. She joined ACSSS as a member of PR and helped with fundraising and maintaining active relationships between ACSSS and both on- and off-campus organizations. Prior to Stanford, she studied psychology and maths at the University of Richmond. She enjoys connecting with people and learning from their unique experiences. Other than that, she loves fashion, music and food.