Secretary General

Secretary General (Xiaoyu “Janice” Zang 臧晓羽)


Office of Secretaries helps ACSSS run smoothly by coordinating activities across different departments, organizing administrative materials and managing public media platforms. More importantly, we work not only to connect members within ACSSS and but also bridge ACSSS with the general population. We hope to organize regular social activities among members in ACSSS in order to facilitate the coherence within our organization, and we aim to publicize our latest activities and opportunities to the general public through weekly newsletters and wechat messages. In addition, we are proud to provide Chinese students at Stanford a platform to showcase their work and life at Stanford through our website and wechat platform, thus help every Stanford Chinese students to keep their best memories at Stanford.


Xiaoyu “Janice” Zang 臧晓羽

Xiaoyu is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Chemistry at Stanford University. As the Secretary General, Xiaoyu works closely with all other departments in ACSSS to help organize and publicize events and career opportunities. She also serves as VP at Chinese Entrepreneurs Organization. In her spare time, she loves traveling and outdoor activities. She walked four days through and Andes mountains to Macchu Picchu on foot. She also explored the lowland rainforest on foot in Costa Rica. She is also a dancer and snowboarder.