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Career Development Lecture: From Oracle Vice President to Sand Hill Angel — Tips and Inspirations for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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Speaker’s Background:
Sherman Ting is a Board Director of Sand Hill Angels. He also serves as Chair of the Membership Committee and Co-Chair of the Entrepreneurial Community Engagement. Sherman has over 25 years of experience in the high technology industry, in engineering, executive management and as an entrepreneur. He is an active angel investor in start-up ventures.

Most recently, Sherman was Founder and CEO of Century A Technologies, a company which built a marketing/sales/support infrastructure in China, for new breeds of Internet-based enterprise software products designed in the US.

Previously, Sherman was Vice President at Oracle Corporation, where he founded the HP Products Division and grew the business into the number one product line, with over $300M in product license revenue. While at Oracle, he also established the Asia Products Division to spearhead the cultivation of business in the Asia Pacific region, which later became the fastest growing market for Oracle. As a result, Oracle’s Japanese subsidiary experienced one of the most successful high tech IPOs in Japanese history. In addition, Sherman was on the Oracle CEO’s hand-picked team to start up a Network Computer business, to revolutionize how people and businesses use the Internet.

Prior to Oracle, Sherman held engineering positions at Hewlett Packard, developing relational database systems for HP’s cutting edge RISC computer servers, and at Intel, developing computer language processors for Intel’s advanced chip architecture.

Sherman received an MSE in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania.

Event Summary:
After all the experience of working for big companies like Intel, HP and Oracle, Sherman Ting also set up his own business as an entrepreneur. All these experience helps him with his investing business nowadays. Sherman shared his personal career path with the audience by talking about the valuable lessons he learned looking backwards to his career path. With strong bullet points and clear elaboration on each point, Sherman made his speech very engaging and inspiring.
The audiences were free to ask questions during the presentation, and Sherman did a great job of answering them in a sincere manner.
Sherman Ting summed up with two slides concerning lessons learned during his career path and what he think it takes to form a solid foundation no matter what career one is pursuing.
At the end of the speech, Sherman received a gift from ACSSS for sharing his successful career and excellent mind with all the audience.

Career Department Lecture: From Entrepreneur to Investor: Mr. Hanson Li

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Speaker’s Background:

Mr. Hanson Li is a successful entrepreneur who founded several businesses in the B2B/software and small business consulting space. Current he serves as Executive Director of The Hina Group, which has an investment fund focused on high tech, media, telecom and energy in China. He worked at Capital One before, and founded a company called Equalfooting. Hanson earned a BA, MA and MBA degree from Stanford.

Hanson moderated a panel discussion with an entrepreneur and Stanford alumni, Victor Wang from MedSemantics. Victor earned a MBA degree from Stanford.

Event Summary:

Mr. Hanson Li showed his footprint of living in Asia and the States at the beginning of the speech. After that, he talked in chronically sequence about his personal experience and the key takeaways he learned from each experience. He worked at big companies like Capital One, started his own company Equalfooting, and went to business school at Stanford. His insights in different experiences are very inspiring for the audience.

Mr. Victor Wang joined the panel discussion after a short Q&A session to Mr. Hanson Li. Victor has experience in living, working in many different countries, and he is now the CEO of MedSemantics. The discussion between Victor and Hanson is interesting and excellent.

A lot of questions were asked during the session, mainly about entrepreneurship, difference between China and the USA.

At the end of the speech, Hanson and Victor each received a gift from ACSSS for sharing their knowledge with the audience.

Welcome New Farmers!

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在新生Orientation以及开学后的一段时间,我们还会安排一系列活动帮助大家了解学校的环境、多结识周围同学。请一定要参加9月15日晚,International Student Center, Graduate Student Counsil和我们共同主办的中国学生主题聚会;开学后会还有一系列的聚会、讲座等,具体信息会在接下来的几个星期中通知大家。