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Leo Wang: Mobile Internet Industry in China

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[ACSSS Career Development Forum #9] Leo Wang: Mobile Internet Industry in China

Time: 4:00 – 6:30 pm, Saturday, June 4th, 2011

Venue: Havana Room, Graduate Community Center

Speaker: Leo Wang



Note: Leo is around in Silicon Valley till June 10th. Open to email and phone contact.

Event slides

Leo’s Weibo on the event:

Leo’s relevant article: <中国移动互联网产业行动启示录2011——蝴蝶效应>

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This event was co-hosted by

  • CEO (Chinese Entrepreneurs Organization)
  • ACSSS Career Development Department
  • SVCWireless

Around 90 people attended the event.

ACSSS Career Development Department

[Event Notes] 邓峰:我的创业生涯和投资理念

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[CEO & ACSSS Career Development Speaker Series]

邓峰:我的创业生涯和投资 理念

  • Time: June 5th (Sunday) 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.
  • Venue: Stanford Graduate Community Center, 1st Floor, Havana Room.
  • Number of attendants: around 110

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Brief Notes (欢迎留言补充):

这是一个适合在中国创业的年代。中国的创业 环境越来越好。

  • 中国经济的长期发展很positive。
  • 城镇化。大城市还会发展, 但是发展速度会下降。例如北京,人口问题,交通问题。新增两百个两个million的城市,二三线城市的经济发展迅速。从房地产到消费到医疗服务。
  • 从 enterprise到consumer的转变。新兴消费观的兴起。娱乐与消费的需求上升。对品牌的认知。
  • 中国产业的升级。Labor intense 到intelligence intense。长三角和珠三角的很多制造业已经不仅仅是低级制造业。从进口到出口。
  • 低 碳经济。新能源,环保,绿色GDP。


  • 互 联网,无线互联网 - 80,90后消费观念的转变。无线互联网不是互联网的延伸。运营商是从前制约无线互联网的最大因素,支付解决了,很多机会就出来 了。以后很多手机会内置NFC。Right now, right here。无线互联网不一定能出很多大公司,但是能制造很多成功的小公司。Capital efficiency很高, 这是很多产业没有的。
  • 线 下,线上品牌的认知。渠道的整合,连锁。立法,执行都会提高。服饰,餐饮,美容美发。
  • 内容开始值钱,电影,连续剧的价格都在提高(消费 观和渠道整合的结果)
  • 装备制造,设备制造。不仅仅做芯片,而是做产品,和应用结合,做整体,抓住下游客户。把IT用到传统行业,IT系 统和酒店业的结合。
  • 能源,cleantech,美国capital intense高,efficiency低,周期太长,没有爆发力。中国labor价格低,量产的技术不比美国差,虽然实验室的技术差距大。政府的大力支 持。在cleantech,中国的机会比美国多,而且都是世界性的机会
  • health care和life science。IT用在health care。医疗服务。Medical device, 医疗耗材。Drug development,中国的优势clinical trial的成本很低。


  • 创 不创业和VC投不投资没很大关系,有些项目很好,但是不一定适合投资。
  • 怎么看团队,看什么方面?——第一是过去的背景和一个人的价值 观:一个很有理想的人,不能只为了financial reward,二是有责任感,三是有团队精神,四是能坚持。二是学习能力,看突出的优点。一般比较倾向于三十出头,有精力有经验,没有特别成功的创业经历 的人。


Feedback from audience:

  • Stuart: Thank you so much for inviting me. Crystal, earned my eternal gratitude for translating, seamlessly in real time. I very much appreciate her kindness. Your hospitality made me feel very welcome!
  • Hongwei: It was very nice event. I just came back from it and thanks for your effort….I am volunteer in SVC wireless and maybe we can host some event together. BTW, I live close to Stanford, and let me know if I can help anything with you or your organization.


This event was co-hosted by

  • CEO (Chinese Entrepreneurs Organization at Stanford)
  • ACSSS Career Development Department



  • ACSSS (Association of Chinese Students and Scholars at Stanford) is a student-run organization whose mission is to broaden the channels of communication between the Stanford mainland Chinese community and various other cultural, academic, and professional communities in the Bay Area. As representatives of the Stanford Chinese community, ACSSS also seeks to foster an unique appreciation of Chinese culture and provide information on the academic and professional opportunities there to all Stanford community members. Finally, ACSSSwill do its best to help incoming Chinese students and scholars settle into the Stanford environment by providing practical services.

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About CEO at Stanford

  • CEO (Chinese Entrepreneurs Organization at Stanford) is a group of Stanford students and alumni with Chinese background who are passionate about starting businesses. Our goal is to help our members launch their businesses and execute growth strategies by providing meaningful and valuable access to management/ engineering talents, business partners, investors and successful entrepreneurs. We focus on achieving tangible and measurable results and our members should strive to provide ongoing support to each other.

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ACSSS Career Development Department

Advising Mixer

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Dear Fellow Students,

At Stanford, students have received great job offers from prestigious
companies or research institutions. How did they make it? What are the
‘secrets’ behind their successful job-hunting cases? What should we do
today if we want to be equally outstanding in tomorrow’s job market?

ACSSS Advising Program is putting together this Advising mixer that
can be a wonderful opportunity for you to chat with these successful
job-hunters in a casual atmosphere. Their stories, experience, and
career design tips are sure to enlighten you.

Our invited guests include the following:

Yanchong Zheng: PhD in MS&E, MIT sloan faculty

Li Ma: PhD in statistics, Duke faculty

Qicong Hu: PhD in biology, Boston Consulting Group, Beijing Office

Chenhao Zhu: LLM in law, K&L Gates law firm

Yifan Yanggong, MS in EE, Oracle

CS/EE alumni working at facebook

Don’t hesitate! Come talking with each other about future careers
while enjoying some drinks and snacks!

When: May 20 (Friday) 8-10PM

Where: GCC Havana Room (first floor)

ACSSS Advising Program