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Life-in-Industry Seminar by Elizabeth Xu

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By Life-in-Industry

We’ve invited Elizabeth Xu, Senior VP of Vitria Technology, come to GCC Havana Room to give us her lecture “ten steps to be successful”.  Elizabeth shared many insight and story examples on how to achieve success in big companies and accept questions from present audience.  About 50 students, scholars and people working in Bay Area come to this talk.

Advising Program Kick-off

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By Advising Program

On Oct. 25, Department of Advising Program hosts this quarter’s first kick-off event to introduce 7 advising faculty members to our students and let them talk closed on hot topics of study and living at Stanford.

After Tao Xu, VP of Advising Program Department, gives the introduction, Prof. Tien-Wen Wiedmann from Medical School then gives a short talk introducing history of the advising program and how it helps student getting through the hard time with several examples.  Then, Prof. Yiqun Zhou (Asian Languages), Prof. Philip Wong (Electrical Engineering), Prof. Ching Wang (Neurology), Prof. Jun Li (Math), Prof. Han Hong (Economics) and Prof. Jie Wang (Civil and Environmental Engineering) all give self-introduction and interesting short talks regarding their suggestion on Stanford life.  The 2nd half of this event is a rotation talk for the purpose to let every student meet as much advising faculty members.

There are all together about 50 Chinese students and scholars take part in this event, most in their first year at Stanford.  They all think it is worth going and looking forward to next event.

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New Students and Scholars Welcome Party

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By Activity Department

With the new quarter starts, we welcome even more new Chinese students and scholars coming to Stanford.  So we host this welcome party to make them know each other and more senior students at Stanford. All together about 200 students, scholars and family members come to the party and enjoy the delicious Chinese food there.

This party is hosted by two new Chinese students, Yuankai Ge from EE and Jing Li from Education and supported by three awesome singers: Jieying Zheng from MS&E, Xi Wang from MS&E and Fang Li from ME.  Chinese Consulate Mr. Shao and Ms. Yan also come to give welcome speech.  After introducing each current board member of ACSSS, Shu Hu and Jinjian Zhai thanks all the volunteer helping to provide picking-ups.