Department of Postdoctoral Scholars

Department of Postdoctoral Scholars 博士后部 Vice-president: Taotao Chen 陈涛涛    Ji Cao 曹笈    Ke Yuan 袁珂

Objectives:Our department aims at organizing customized social/academic/professional events for postdoctoral scholars of Stanford University. We provide a platform for postdoctoral scholars where they can better assimilate into the American society, expend their academic network, meet their entrepreneurial partners and win promising job opportunities. We collaborate with other departments in ACSSS and make sure our events benefit the entire Chinese community in Stanford as well.

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Our official QQ group:129646950

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Taotao Chen 陈涛涛

He graduated from Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich with PhD focusing on Mass spectrometry and biochemistry and now is a postdoctoral fellow in Biology department. He founded the department of postdoctoral scholars under ACSSS. He is extremely outgoing and friendly to everyone and is willing to help every Chinese postdocs and beyond at Stanford.


Ji Cao 曹笈

Ji received her B.S./M.S. from Peking University, China; and Ph.D from Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland. She is honored as the “Outstanding Self-Financed Chinese Student Abroad” by Chinese Government. She is currently a 1st year Postdoc in EE Dept. She has many years of experience working in the student union system. She is glad to serve the Chinese community abroad with her passion, creativity, knowledge and capability.


Ke Yuan 袁珂

She obtained Ph.D. in Biology from Temple University, Philadelphia. After graduation, She came to Stanford as a postdoctoral research fellow. She currently studied a disease called pulmonary hypertension and focus on mechanisms of blood vessel loss in patients. Being spoiled in California sunshine, she never missed the winter in the eastern coast. She likes to play tennis, hiking, biking, painting, cooking and hang out with friends.