Department of Finance

Department of Finance 财务部

Vice-President: Benzheng Zhu 朱本正

Objectives: Apply funding from Stanford to finance ACSSS events; seek off-campus funding sources and sponsorship; coordinate with  heads of other departments to plan the budget of events.


Benzheng Zhu 朱本正

Born and raised in Shanghai, China, Ben is currently a first-year master’s student majoring Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University. He went to Northwestern University for undergraduate and received extensive academic training in industrial engineering,financial economics and data mining. Ben is a very outgoing and funny person. He believes that his friends are his most invaluable fortune in this world. In his spare time, Ben likes backpacking, playing tennis and badminton, and traveling with his friends. He also enjoys musical shows (especially Les Miz) and has five pet turtles.