Luncheon with Prof Wendy Mao

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ACSSS Advising Program is delighted to announce the incoming luncheon event. We are glad to invite *Prof. Wendy Mao* from the Department of Geological & Environmental Sciences to share her valuable experience with us. If you are interested in the behavior of materials under high pressure, or if you have any questions about your academic life and career development, come and join us during this one-hour lunch time!


ACSSS 学术咨询部即将举办新一次的luncheon活动。本期我们邀请到的嘉宾是来自地质与环境科学系的Wendy Mao教授。Professor Mao主要研究各种材料在高压环境下的反应。这项研究可以帮助人们了解地球以及其他星球的内部环境,也可以被运用于开发氢燃料储存材料以及高性能电池材料。如果你对这个领域有兴趣或者有独到的见解,或者希望与毛教授进行进一步的交流,那么请不要错过和Wendy Mao教授共进午餐的机会!


Time: November 20th, Wednesday, 11:45pm – 12:45pm.
Place: Bytes

For those who are interested, please sign up through the following link by November 18th (Monday) 10pm:

We may need to select students based on their academic interest as well as the questions they would like to discuss. Only people who prepare some significant questions to discuss with Professor. Wendy Mao can get the opportunity. Winners will be notified via email for further details.


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Wendy Mao is an assistant professor in Department of Geological and Environmental Science. She studies the behavior of materials under compression which often leads to the discovery of novel phases and new phenomena. This research has a wide variety of applications including improving our understanding the interiors of Earth and other planetary bodies, providing insight into the condensation and evolution of volatiles in planetary systems, and providing guidance for developing new materials for applications like hydrogen fuel storage and advanced batteries. She won the 2013 Mineralogical Society of America Award, the 2011-2016 NSF CAREER Award and Frederick E. Terman Fellowship. She also won 2008 – 2009 COMPRES Distinguished Lecturer during 2008-2009. Her homepage:

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