ACSSS Board (2009 Spring and Summer)

Board Advisor: Tien-Wen Wiedmann

ACSSS 2009 Board Members

  • Co-Presidents: Qicong Hu, Yuankai Ge
  • Financial Officer: Xiaoyu Liu
  • Secretary General: Wenjun Xie
  • Webmaster: Yichuan Ding

Department of Finance

  • VP: Chao Bai, Xiaoyu Liu
  • Officer: Jing Li, Ping Li
  • Objectives: We apply funding from both school and outside resources so as to provide financial support to our events.  We also made quarterly financial report.
  • Quarterly Financial Report: 2008Winter, 2007Fall, 2007Summer, 2007Spring .

Department of Activities (link)

  • VP: Siqi Mou, Xu Tan, Yichuan Ding
  • Officer: Fang Li, Peng Shu, Xiaoyu Liu, Miao Yu, Wei Ren, Ruo Ge, Jieying Zheng, Koupin Lv, Jing Li
  • Objectives: We bring fun to ACSSS members. In 2007 and 2009, we proudly organized adventurous whale trip, national parks trip, karaoke trip, movie trip, Christmas party and other interesting events. We look forward to a fruitful new year, making friends and having greater fun than ever.
  • Pictures of Past events:

Department of Career Development (link)

  • VP: Heng Ren, Zengwei Sun
  • Officer: Sihe Feng, Anjia Gu, Zhiqiang Guo, Ruo Ge, Zizhuo Wang, Koupin Lv, Miao Yu
  • Objectives: We aim to help students explore potential career paths, improve the skills of job hunting, network with professionals and alumni and learn experience from people of success.

Department of New Students and Scholars (link)

  • VP: Yueming Qiu, Jinjian Zhai
  • Officer: Wei Ren
  • Objectives: We provide picking-ups for new students and scholars, organize mixers events between new students and senior students, and provide seminar and talks aiming at scholars.

Department of Public Relation

  • VP: Lihan Sun, Hai Wei
  • Officer: Anjia Gu, Ping Li, Zengwei Sun, Jieying Zheng, Zizhuo Wang, Koupin Lv
  • Objectives: We connect to other organization and association, both at Stanford and outside of Stanford, to seek event collaborations and communication channels.

Advising Program (link)

  • VP: Tao Xu, Zizhuo Wang
  • Officer: Siqi Mou, Yueming Qiu, Hai Wei, Xiaoyu Liu
  • Objectives: We aim to help students and scholars to plan their study and non-academic life at Stanford more systematically and in a broader perspective and More.

Family Center (link)

  • Director: Tingting Pan, Wei Xiong
  • Objectives: We provide a platform for the family members of students and scholars to exchange information, enhance the interaction and cooperation among them. Our past events include Thanksgiving Special Event–Beauty Seminar, New Chinese Students and Scholars’ Family Welcome party, and More.

Media Center

  • Director: Zhiqiang Guo
  • Event Photographer: Jingyu Cui
  • Event Video Editing: Yichuan Ding
  • Objectives: We provide technical support for ACSSS events and activities, especially photo/video shooting, editing and related services.  We’re a group of people that would like to use our experty to make ACSSS more popular and leave us colorful memories.

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