ACSSS Board (2011)

Board Advisor: Tien-Wen Wiedmann

ACSSS 2011 Board Members

  • Co-Presidents: Jiace Yu (于佳册), Ken Wang (王星泽)
  • Financial Officer: Ningxuan Wang (王宁轩)
  • Secretary General: He Yi (一禾)

Department of Social Activities

  • VP(s): Jing Ma (马婧), Liang Zhao (赵亮)
  • Officers: Jinping Gou (苟金平), Tianzi Zhou (周天子), Yujie Bai (白瑜洁), Kan Cao, Wenhao Liu, Yingying Bi (毕滢滢), Si Jiang (蒋鸶), Gloria Jiang (姜宇), Zeyang Li (李泽阳), Yichuan Ding (丁弋川)
  • Objectives: organize social activities for ACSSS community, including but not limited to parties, karaoke, movie trip and art performance; coordinate quarterly events: Welcoming Party, New Year Party and Graduation Party, with the resource from all ACSSS board; collaborate other students groups/clubs for related events.

Department of Career Development

  • VP(s): He Yang (杨赫), Luyin Zhao (赵陆胤)
  • Officers: Chenxing Song (宋辰兴), Yue Xu (许玥), Jing Jin, Rong Li, Mengzhe Zhao, Yizhou Zhu
  • Objectives: organize career related events, including but not limited to seminars, talks, job fairs and workshops; compile a database of Stanford Chinese alumni in Bay Area industry.

Department of Advising Program

  • VP(s): Jie Wu (吴杰), Zizhuo Wang (王子卓)
  • Officers: Xiaoyu Liu (刘晓宇), Xiaoxue Zhou (周晓雪), Xi Liu (刘熙), Yezhou Shi, Huiliang Wang (王辉亮), Wenqiong Guo (郭文琼)
  • Objectives: organize academia related events, including but not limited to seminars, talks, mentorship and workshops; compile a database of Stanford Chinese alumni in Bay Area academia and Stanford Chinese Faculty.

Department of Public Relation

  • VP(s): Chao Ni (倪超), Yenan Chen (陈叶楠)
  • Officers: Gloria Jiang (姜宇), Ariel Shi, Yichuan Ding (丁弋川), Tao Chu (楚涛), Jack Guo (郭晓江)
  • Objectives: Handle all incoming emails to with appropriate reply or forward to relevant person; revise events releases and contact people who might publicize and/or broadcast ACSSS material to keep the public informed about ACSSS activities; approve event report and news draft after events and send to Web Center for publicity on web; organize programs and events in coalition with Department of Advising Program and Career Development to reach out and build connections with the university, other student groups and academic/industrial entities. Bridging ACSSS with both on-campus and off-campus organizations to benefit ACSSS and its student body.

Department of Finance

  • VP(s): Ningxuan Wang (王宁轩)
  • Officers: Lu Zhang (张璐), Jessica Zhang
  • Objectives: compile and write quarterly financial report including event date, people attended and short descriptions; assist Financial Officer and other board departments to prepare budget and apply funding; seek off-campus funding sources and sponsorship.

Department of Student Life

  • VP(s): Bo Wang (汪博), Bo Zhang (张博)
  • Officers: Shangping Feng, Yue Ma (马岳), Wenqiong Guo
  • Objectives: coordinate new student pick-up and related events to help them adjust to the new environment quickly and easily; manage ACSSS Freeride.

Department of Publicity

  • VP(s): Yitao Zhuang (庄轶韬), He Yi (一禾)
  • Officers: Linda Sheng, Liang Zheng, Tianzi Zhou, Wenjun Xie, Xiaolu Wu
  • Objectives: provide technical support for ACSSS events, take photos/videos, edit material and send to Public Relations and Secretory General; Maintain and update PHP-based ACSSS website and other web presence to increase publicity of ACSSS; manage ACSSS TV.

Department of Scholar Affairs

  • VP(s): Yong Li (李泳)
  • Officers: Tao Wang (王涛), Jane Huang (黄健强), Bin Yang (杨斌)
  • Objectives: organize academic activities for Chinese scholars and students, including but not limited to Research Forum, seminars, talks, and promote academic communications among different disciplines, ideas and cultures.

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