Co-Presidents (Junzi Zhang 张峻梓,Rui Liu 刘锐)

Junzi Zhang 张峻梓

Junzi Zhang is a third year Ph.D. in Stanford Institute for Computational & Mathematical Engineering (ICME), currently under supervision of Prof. Stephen Boyd. His research is focused on machine learning and optimization algorithms, and is sponsored by Stanford Graduate Fellowship. Before coming to Stanford, he graduated from School of Mathematical Sciences (SMS) in Peking University (PKU) as Outstanding Graduates in Beijing and Honorary Graduate in the Program of Top Talent Training for Applied Mathematics. He received Chinese National Scholarship for three consecutive years (maximum possible), and has earned first prize in PKU Challenge Cup, PKU Innovation Award and Group Silver Medal in S.-T.Yau College Student Mathematics Contests. Junzi is a man of responsibility and curiosity.  During his leisure time, he has done extensive research in the field of renewable energy (especially wind power prediction and control), part of which has been deployed in the system of the cooperating company. In the past year, he has been the vice president of the department of career development in ACSSS, holding several influential events including featured talk by invited speakers from McKinsey, Tencent and DJI. Now, as the co-president of ACSSS, Junzi would like to enhance the cooperation with Stanford school authority, and boost the influence of ACSSS, together with the Chinese culture in the international students community.

Rui Liu 刘锐

Rui is currently a 3rd year PhD student at the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department. His major is construction management. Back to his undergraduate studies, Rui got his Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management from Tianjin University, and a second Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Nankai University. Rui is an extremely gregarious and energetic person, who loves to reach out to new friends. He is also an active member of Stanford Feiyu Theatre, and is one of the main actors in a well-appraised skit presented by 2016 Stanford Spring Festival Gala. During his spare time, Rui loves playing basketball and working out. Rui used to be the vice-president of the Social Activity Department last year; as the producer, He managed to deliver the very successful 2017 Stanford Spring Festival Gala. Moreover, Rui has been involved in many other ACSSS events, and hence he is quite experienced with students’ affairs. As the co-president of ACSSS, Rui aims to further enhance the impacts of ACSSS as a Chinese organization and would love to collaborate with students’ organization with different cultural backgrounds. Within his term, Rui is determined to bring more happiness and splendidness to the whole ACSSS community.

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