Division of Academic Advising

Division of Academic Advising 

The Division of Academic Advising strives to satisfy intellectual curiosity and provide guidance on the transition to the job market for students and scholars at Stanford University. As such, most of our activities fall into three categories: intellectual interaction (e.g. talks by prominent speakers), experience sharing (e.g. lunches led by distinguished faculties or outstanding students) and academic-oriented information sessions (e.g. Mainland/Hong Kong ‘Talent Scheme’ talks). The past year saw rapid expansion of the division . In the coming year, we endeavor to develop the Division of Academic Advising by offering activities that are more diverse. For instance, while our traditional focus has been on Chinese students and scholars, one of our immediate plans is to reach out to a broader audience at Stanford University. We will also attempt to have more cooperation both inside and outside the Chinese student groups.

Division Head

Yijun Jiang 姜一君

Yijun Jiang comes from the beautiful coastal city of Dalian. He started his Applied Physics PhD program at Stanford University in Fall 2016. Yijun obtained his bachelor’s degree from MIT, from which he migrated to the west coast for a warmer climate. He enjoys many activities, including astrophotography, playing the guitar, 3D printing and cooking. Yijun joined the ACSSS Division of Academic Advising in 2016, and has been VP since April 2017. He has organized recruiting seminars by several universities in China, and hopes to create more opportunities to Chinese students and scholars to help them develop their academic careers.

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