Division of Media and Publicity

Division of Media and Publicity 

Division of Media and Publicity is a young team that provides internal design and production service to the activities organized by ACSSS and reinforces external image of ACSSS communicated to the entire Chinese population in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our main goal is to craft compelling digital experiences, design visual assets for various publicity deliverables including social media graphics, animations and video shorts within the context of Chinese culture. Division of Media and Publicity also offers workshops on graphic and multimedia production to all members of ACSSS.

Division Head

Alice Zheng 郑怡

Alice is currently a Junior at Stanford studying Computer Science and Product Design. Her interest lies at the intersection of technology and design, and the impact of which on the society and day-to-day life. She lives her life with great passion. She enjoys cooking, sketching, photography, table tennis and pool in her spare time. She also loves to try new stuff. After she came to Stanford, she started to explore Karate, Golf, Tennis and Guitar. Alice has been a member of ACSSS for two years. She has led many projects in graphic design, video composing and post writing. She was also the Chief Director of the 2017 ACSSS Chinese New Year Gala.

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