Division of Public Relations

Division of Public Relations

The Division of Public Relations is the corporate outreach arm of ACSSS, striving to serve as a bridge between the Chinese student community and outside institutions representing a variety of interests. We actively collaborate with companies, universities and charity organizations across U.S. and China. Our division manages the fundraising activities, actively seeking for sponsorships with local / international firms and partnerships with universities and colleges. We are responsible for informing the partners, sponsors, and the general public the operations and service that ACSSS has to offer, as well as communicating with the news media when seeking publicity and responding to public feedbacks.

Division Head

Tina Yuting Hu 胡雨婷

Tina Yuting Hu is an undergrad at Stanford University majoring in Economics and Political Science while working toward a coterminal M.S. degree in Management Science & Engineering. She joined the Division of Public Relations in 2016, and has since been aiming to bring high-quality resources and opportunities to Chinese students, leveraging on the wide public influence of ACSSS platform to create synergistic effect with corporations and social institutions alike.


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