Division of Social Activities

Division of Social Activities

The Division of Social Activities serves Chinese students and scholars mainly inside but not limited to ACSSS community. The past two years have witnessed our strengthened capability to bring joy to more Chinese in the Bay Area. The events that we hold are very diverse, mainly including Welcoming Party, Chinese Spring Festival Ceremony, Graduation Party and Chinese Singing Championship. Other events like Speed Dating and Werewolf Board Game Contest show our willingness to enhance students’ happiness. We are ready to embrace every opportunity to collaborate with other divisions of ACSSS or other student groups/clubs in related events, and will spare no efforts to create a more welcoming and entertaining community.

Division Head

Yikai Yin 殷一凯

Yikai Yin is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, also a research assistant in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Yikai’s research interests are  molecular dynamics, mechanics and multiscale modeling of stretchable electronic materials. His hometown is Handan, Hebei. He has also spent 5 years in Xi’an for undergraduate education in The Special Class for the Gifted Young of Xi’an Jiaotong University. Yikai really enjoys playing basketball, reading, rock ’n’ roll and organizing entertainment events at Stanford. He is looking forward to working and playing with Stanford students and ACSSS members through the fantastic events in the Division of Social Activities.

Xiao Zhang 张霄

Xiao Zhang is a Ph.D. student in Applied Physics Department, who has a board research interest in experimental condensed matter physics including high temperature superconductor, topological materials and low dimensional materials. Before coming to Stanford, he graduated from School of Physics in Peking University at Beijing. As VP for Division of Activities, he is focusing on holding various student activities to enrich Chinese students’ life at Stanford, including holding board game contest, graduation ceremony, Spring Festival Ceremony of Stanford, etc. He also has interests of traveling and sports, especially basketball.

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