Division of Student Life and Sports

Division of Student Life and Sports

Our division aims at making the life more relaxing and enjoyable for Stanford’s students and scholars through competitive sports games and recreational events.  In the past years, we have held a lot of events such as basketball games, Spring Festival Puzzlehunt, board game competitions, Chinese festival cultural gathering, and so on. In addition, we are responsible to provide free airport pick-up for new students, facilitating their smooth transition to life at Stanford. Overall speaking, our goal is to make sure that everyone can have fun and make friends with each other while working hard at Stanford.

Division Head

Jack Jin (金钰翔)

Jack Jin is currently a junior majoring in Mathematical and Computational Sciences. He was born in a small city in China called Zhengzhou. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, travelling, playing computer games, and simply hanging out with friends. As the VP of the division of student life and sports, Jack is passionate about hosting a variety of activities which engage students and scholars in sports, culture, and entertainment in order to help students and scholars meet and make friends, and to enrich the campus life for them.

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