The Secretariat

The Secretariat (Yiqing Ding 丁逸卿)

The main function of the Secretariat is to assist day to day operations of ACSSS. Our primary responsibilities include coordinating activities across different groups, organizing administrative materials and managing different media outlets. Our office works not only to connect members within ACSSS and but also to bridge ACSSS with other communities at Stanford. On the one hand, we co-organize different events with other departments to serve as a flexible tactical force. On the other hand, we are in charge of  all the media platforms of ACSSS which essentially make us the spokesperson for ACSSS.

Secretary General

Yiqng Ding 丁逸卿

Yiqing is a second year M.S student at the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics. His primary research interests are in systems engineering and operations research. Besides academic interests,  Yiqing is a lover for history, politics and classical music. He is also an enthusiastic fan of different social activities such as volunteer work. He was volunteer at two Olympic games and was an exchange student to ETH Zurich. Yiqing holds a Bachelor Degree in Aeronautic and Astronautic Engineering from Purdue University, IN.

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