Cooperative Events

Speaker Events

If the speaker is very famous or successful in business, entrepreneurship, government, internationally or  other aspects that we think may be valuable to our students, we’d like introduce speaker event to ACSSS.  Since most large auditoriums cost $500-$1000, you need to contact us as early so that we may figure out how you subsidize the event cost or we share cost by applying funding from school.

Recruitment Events

Stanford has very strict policy about recruitment event:

  1. You must register with Stanford CDC ( to be eligible for on-campus recruiting (even if you are recruiting for China).  More info could be found at
  2. If you need a room on campus, most of them are NOT free.  Please see and contact them for a price.  ACSSS could help to book the room under our name but you must pay for the room fee.
  3. If you need any speaker/audio or video/projector device, you have to directly contact ELS ( for price and pay to them.
  4. The school officers always takes a long time to process all the paperwork and your order.  You’d better schedule and contact them at least one month before the event take place.
  5. ACSSS do NOT charge labor fee for your event.  But if you need labor help or reservation help from us, we will ask for sponsorship fee.
  6. ACSSS can do little to get across the school procedure.  But if you do think you need our help, please contact and we normally will only reply to email ending with “” or “” for recruitment events.

Other co-host events

If you are a Stanford organization, please contact us directly at for the event detail, benefit to our members and what we need to do for the event.  We will reply to you asap after discussion with our board.

If you are an off-campus organization and would like to include us in co-host for better advertising the event.  Please also contact us through the email listed above.

If you need a room for the event, please understand most rooms are NOT free and please contact us after reading the info at “Recruitment Events” part.