The Stanford Aerobics & Yoga (SAY) program offers a wide array of classes taught by energetic, qualified, and approachable instructors. Classes strive to promote physical strength, endurance, and coordination, along with mental and bodily awareness. We strive to accommodate a variety of levels in our classes and to offer participants a quality experience at a nominal price. SAY is open to all members of the Stanford community, including students, faculty, staff, and family. New students are welcome to start taking classes at any time throughout the year -- each class is standalone and requires no previous experience!

We are currently experiencing difficulty with Stanford administration. If you would like to find out more information and/or support SAY, please visit this link.

Our Policies

Stanford Aerobics & Yoga is a registered Voluntary Student Organization. As such, Stanford students must make all organizational decisions and hold all leadership positions.   Instructors who are current Stanford students are given priority in class scheduling.  While our classes are open to everyone, our main objective is to serve the Stanford community.

Participation in any class constitutes agreement with Stanford's Liability Release and Waiver. Instructors may ask any student to leave the class if he or she is acting in an unsafe or disrespectful manner. Participants who arrive more than 5 minutes after a class has started may be asked not to participate for safety reasons, at the discretion of the instructor.

Only adults 18 and over are eligible to participate in classes. Children and minors under the age of 18 may not participate in classes or stay in Hacienda during class times. Bicycles are not permitted inside Hacienda Commons.


Am I eligible to take classes at SAY?

Although we're a student-run organization dedicated to students first, we're open to the broader Stanford community -- students and non-students, faculty, staff, students (undergrads, grads, and post-docs), spouses, etc. If you want to work out with us, we want to work out with you!

How can I join a class?

You can drop in to any class at any time, even if it's in the middle of the quarter. We don't require pre-registration for our classes. We accept SAME-DAY online payments through Eventbrite. We do NOT accept cash or check anymore. Please see our passes page to find out how we do payment.

Where are your classes held?

All of our classes are held in the Hacienda Commons room in the Rains Graduate Housing complex. While a water fountain and restrooms are available, there are no shower or locker facilities nearby. Parking in the closest lot (marked with an asterisk on the map) requires a parking permit (ES or C) from 6 am to 4 pm on weekdays. It is free at other times. Visitor parking also is available along parts of Escondido Road.

Hacienda Commons

How do I find out about subs or cancellations?

Due to circumstances beyond our control, due to other groups using Hacienda Commons or emergencies, we sometimes have to cancel our classes or make other modifications. Changes are posed on our calendar, so please check regularly for updates. You can also subscribe to our listserv to get last minute info and find out about SAY events!

Do classes get full?

Sometimes, especially during the first few weeks of the quarter, classes can fill up quickly. Spots are available on a first come, first served basis, and so we recommend arriving a couple minutes early. Class capacity is at the discretion of the instructor, and if a class is already full when you arrive, you may be asked to come back next time. NOTE: For aerobics classes that require jumping or similar activities, please stay on the wooden floors and DO NOT jump on the tile floors, which can be hard on your knees!

I bought a drop-in pass but didn't use it on the day specified. Can I use it on another day?

The drop-in passes are valid only for the date specified, unless the original class was cancelled, or the class was full when you arrived. If this is the case, e-mail Mika at to obtain a replacement pass.

Can I apply my drop-in pass payments toward the price of a quarter pass?

No, quarter passes cost the same amount regardless of previous pass purchases.If you would like to try our classes before purchasing a quarter pass, you can pay for a drop in pass.

What happens if I come to class without buying a pass?

You are welcome to pay at class using exact change only or a check. If you do not have exact change, we will enforce an extra $1 fee for the payment.

What do I do if I lost my quarter/academic year pass?

Please contact Mika at and let her know when you lost it and what your original method of payment was.

I'm interested in teaching for SAY. What do I need to do?

Contact us at We will discuss certification and requirements with you. If you are new to teaching but qualified to teach, we may be able to mentor you through the training and certification process.

Is there a lost and found?

Stanford Aerobics and Yoga is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please use discretion in what you bring to class. However, if you do leave items behind, please either contact us at or come in between classes during our normal hours of operation to ask an instructors to look in the Lost & Found box in the closet.

Do I qualify for a student discount?

Because SAY is a Stanford student organization, we offer the student discount to anyone with a valid Stanford student ID. This includes Stanford undergraduates, graduate students, and post-docs. This does NOT include spouses, family, affiliates, faculty, staff, courtesy IDs, etc. (In Winter Quarter 2019, we will accept ALL students with a valid ID, but beginning Spring 2019, we will be restricting this to Stanford students ONLY.)

How can I make a suggestion or give feedback about the program?

We welcome your feedback! Please feel free to speak to any instructor, or you can send comments, suggestions, or questions to us at If you'd prefer to leave anonymous feedback, please visit our Contact page or click here.

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