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Alison is an AFAA certified instructor and has been teaching aerobics and yoga since 2005. She originally trained at the University of Kansas and also worked an instructor trainer and personal trainer at the University of Notre Dame. In her spare time, Alison runs marathons with her dad, spends hours in the kitchen concocting new recipes, and attempts to make progress on her PhD in French literature. She also speaks Arabic, and some Japanese and German and is always looking to expand, so come by and greet her in any language!

Amanda Amanda has been an American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified group exercise instructor since 2006. As a student, she enjoyed the physical and mental challenge of step aerobics as a break from her coursework. After years as an avid participant in exercise classes, she learned the art of teaching step aerobics under the mentorship of master trainer Dawn Murdock Stenis. Over the years, she expanded her teaching repertoire to include muscle conditioning and Zumba, becoming a member of the Zumba Instructor Network in 2010. She enjoys guiding classes within the solid structure of the 32 count musical phrases in step aerobics, and she also enjoys guiding classes that add some flair to that structure in Zumba and muscle conditioning. Either way, she designs her classes so that her students can lose themselves in the music and feel playful, even while performing challenging exercises. In her free time, she enjoys yoga, especially Strala yoga, and running, especially along the Stanford Dish.
Annie Annie discovered SAY during a stressful year of trying to figure out how to teach freshmen to write research papers. She couldn't believe how much better she felt when she took some time to challenge her body and play. Now she teaches Pilates and Pilates-inspired (Core and More) group classes that she hopes will bring joy and energy into people's lives (not to mention some sore abs). Outside of Hacienda Commons Annie is working on a doctorate in English, coordinating graduate programming at the Women's Community Center, tutoring at Hume, and singing with her band, The Great American Novel.
Anya Anya started teaching for SAY in 2010. Before becoming an instructor, Anya was an eager participant in conditioning and step classes; her passion for exercise was fueled by her passion for baking (all those cheesecakes and macarons add up). When she isn't moonlighting in the kitchen or at the gym, she's a PhD student in Microbiology and Immunology. Her research focuses on how Toxoplasma gondii crosses different biological barriers, and she's happy to tell you all about it at any time (really). Despite being born during a frigid winter of St. Petersburg, Russia, and spending the last 14 years in NYC and Boston, Anya is still a very cheery and happy person.
beth Beth is excited to be teaching Hatha Yoga at SAY! She began practicing yoga in 2009 to compliment her dance training and completed her 200 hour teacher certification from Brenna Geehan and Jean Mazzei in 2013. When she is not doing yoga or spending time outdoors, Beth is pursuing a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. Beth studies Hatha yoga, meditation, and pranayama, taking an energetic approach to working with the mind through the body. You will find Beth’s classes to be highly approachable, lively, and mentally calming.  Her classes focus on balancing flexibility and strength to increase subtle body awareness and quieting the constant churning of the mind. She strives to help her students experience the joy of living from a truly loving and authentic place.

Bridgette started teaching with SAY while working on her PhD in Psychology and now, many years later, still considers SAY her favorite place to teach. Bridgette loves teaching "classic" formats like Step, and newer formats like Jungshin Fitness. She encourages SAY participants to embrace new challenges: "We are often afraid to try something new at the risk of messing up and looking like a fool. But if you don't mess up, then it means you aren't learning anything! Remember that it took you a year, and many stumbles and bruises, just to learn to walk. So try a new class; feel uncoordinated for a while; stay determined; and take joy in how much you learn and improve over time."


caroline Caroline teaches Aerobic Kickboxing. After starting Taekwondo at 14 inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer, she discovered Aerobic Kickboxing in college. She loves its energizing music and intense workout. She got hooked on Turbo Kick after moving from France to the USA and became a certified Turbo Kick instructor in 2012. She likes to make classes cardio intensive and fun. When she is not chasing vampires, Caroline is a PhD student in the Civil and Environmental Department and studies alternative financing of infrastructure projects. In her free time, Caroline tries to visit as many National Parks as possible.
grace Grace started dancing in her grandmother's living room when she could barely walk, and she's been at it ever since. She performed with various hip-hop, jazz, and contemporary troupes through high school and college, and she is now dancing with the Ladies of Silhouette, an all-female hip-hop troupe out of Sunnyvale. When she's not dancing, Grace enjoys soccer, hiking, yoga, baking, and her studies as a law student at Stanford.
kali Kali originally started practicing yoga to compliment her running, but soon fell in love with the practice in itís own right. She finds that yoga calms the mind and uplifts the heart in this crazy world by working with the body and the breath. She studied at Yoga Tree San Francisco, where she received her RYT-200 hour certification. Kali holds a safe space in her classes where she challenges her students to explore and learn about the mind-body-spirit with playful curiosity in order to lead a fuller, happier life. She first discovered yoga as a SAY student and is very excited to now teach at SAY!
katie Katie is a Zumba Instructor from Cleveland, Ohio. During her undergraduate study at Youngstown State University, she had the opportunity to train in ballroom and swing dancing and led the university’s ballroom dance team.  Ballroom dance opened to the door to Zumba, where a passion developed over several years before Katie became a certified Zumba instructor in 2009.  Katie moved to Stanford in 2012, where SAY classes and community kept her company as her husband completed his Masters degree in EE.  Katie is also employed as an Occupational Therapist and in her free time she enjoys hiking and traveling. 
liz Liz started exploring group ex while on the hunt for a new fitness passion after she stopped competing in and coaching gymnastics. She found SAY, and has been hooked ever since. She currently teaches group cardio and conditioning classes, and loves branching out to other disciplines to find new and exciting elements to incorporate in her teaching. After rehabilitating her knees from chronic injury, she is jazzed about teaching good form and alignment during training to help students keep their joints healthy and happy! Outside of SAY, Liz is a PhD student in Microbiology. She is happiest when thinking about gut microbes, hiking or rock climbing, baking, and visiting the rainy and beautiful PNW.
maria Maria As soon as the music starts Maria can barely keep her feet on the ground. It all started in 2008 in Europe when she first attended a zumba class. Since relocated to the Bay Area (2011) she has been visiting as many SAY classes she can and she is so excited to be an instructor. She received her Master in law (L.L.M) from the University of Heidelberg in Germany and in german linguistics from the University of Zurich in Switzerland and has been practising law for several years in Greece. She is now honored to teach at german-american schools in Palo Alto and is a proud owner of the cutest Maltese dog in the universe.
marily Marily has been a personal trainer since 2000 and has just entered into the group ex world this year. She has always been passionate about fitness and promoting healthy lifestyles, and has worked with a wide range of people from patients in cardiac rehab to the general "wanting to get fit" public. She has her MS in Nutritional Science and is a Registered Dietitian, so she LOVES to answer nutrition questions (seriously!) She is wrapping up her doctorate in Educational Psychology focusing on motivation and health behavior change, or otherwise playing with her nephews and her awesome puppy dog. She wants everyone to be able to build their fitness, develop strength, and achieve their health goals so they can lead active and happy lives.
mary Mary started teaching group exercise classes at SAY while working on her PhD, and now, six years after graduating, she's thrilled to be back! In the meantime Mary opened a restaurant and taught cooking classes, and her passion for food complements the aerobics classes she teaches. Mary enjoys teaching classes with fun, frequently-changing choreography to keep participants engaged. She teaches each move with different options and modifications so participants can choose their own level.
mika Mika began yoga during her senior year of college and found such great relief from shoulder and back aches that she decided to develop a consistent practice. Over time, her calmed body translated into a peaceful mind, so she delved deeper into yoga and completed her RYT-200 hour certification in hatha yoga at Sunstone Yoga. Mika leads a vinyasa flow that challenges the mind and body to reach new limits. Her goal is to use the asana (yoga poses) to touch the mind and spirit and to empower students to find their own expressions of yoga. Mika is a medical student in the Stanford School of Medicine.
monica Monica is a Dancer & Choreographer from London & NY. She has studied dance since the age of 3 and is trained in various principles, including Tap, Ballet, Modern, Jazz, West African, Hip Hop and Zumba. Since relocating to the Bay Area, Monica has performed in numerous festivals and venues with her funky Modern Dance company, U Dance Electra, including the West Wave Dance Festival, Women on the Way and the Choreoproject at SJSU, where she was nominated a top choreographer to watch! In 2008 she joined forces with SF based Fashioner Designer Joui Tourandot and choreographed and performed in her Deployment in Wonderland fashion show at the Workspace in SF. She is incredibly passionate about Dance and loves teaching. Her classes are fun and known for the diverse mix of music she plays, featuring everything from Pop, Rock, New Wave & everything in between.
Paula Paula is a licensed Zumba instructor who got hooked on Zumba during medical school as an energizing way to stay active and relieve stress, all while learning choreography to dynamic world music! Since the age of 4, she was a dancer--classically trained in ballet, jazz, lyrical, and tap. She has also trained with modern dance companies in Boston and Israel. While working abroad in Mexico and Kenya, she discovered local cultural dances and music that have influenced Zumba. Paula loves the multicultural dimension of Zumba as well as its accessibility to everyone, whether or not they have a prior dance background. Paula is excited to share her enthusiasm for dance, and she welcomes everyone to her Zumba classes as a fun way of staying fit!
rachelle Rachelle is a postdoctoral scholar working on environmental learning at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. She is passionate about anything and everything OUTSIDE, and is thrilled to be teaching outdoor yoga on this gorgeous campus we share! Rachelle completed her yoga teacher training at the Avalon yoga studio in Palo Alto. This training emphasizes the scientific elements and benefits of yoga, and brings in a diversity of instructors to expose teachers-in-training to a variety of yoga styles and philosophical variations (e.g., Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Iyengar, Hatha, YogaTuneUp, emphasis on fascia, yoga philosophy, Sanskrit, Bagavadgita, etc). Please join Rachelle in exploring and playing with the richness of yoga -- outside!
rona Rona has been doing Zumba, a Latin-based dance fitness program, since 2007, and got licensed as a Zumba instructor in 2011. She now does Zumba almost every day. She loves the music, the exercise and most of all the fun of it, quoting their motto: "Ditch the workout, join the party!" She goes to as many SAY classes as she can and is thrilled to be an instructor. Rona received her MD at UCSF and did a fellowship at NIH before joining the Stanford department of psychiatry in 1998. Since she is part of an academic faculty she will often cite sources or inspirations for the choreography in her class. As a mom she enjoys biking, swimming, and walking the dog with her family.
sara Sara is a licensed instructor for Zumba fitness and has been teaching aerobics since 2012. Her early dance training in classical ballet inspired her passion for dance. Now, she is happy to share her love of dance through Zumba fitness! Sara leads a high impact Zumba class with hip hop, Latin, and world music dance styles, designed to give you a tough workout that feels like a dance party. Her intention is to give you a fun, energetic, and effective class to help you burn calories, build confidence, and achieve your fitness goals! Whether you are new to dance fitness or a Zumba fitness pro, Sara will make each class a fun and exciting challenge. When she isnít teaching Zumba, Sara is a medical student in the Stanford School of Medicine.
rona When Stephanie began power yoga in 2010, she was a typical stressed out student--constantly in her own head worrying about abstract concepts.  Stephanie finds that yoga helps alleviate academic and other stress because it requires concentration on strengthening, controlling, and understand one's physical body rather than on solving abstract problems.  Therefore, her classes focus on strength, alignment, and body awareness.  She especially loves being upside-down and arm balancing, so you can expect to see handstands and arm balances thrown into her sequences!  Stephanie is also a PhD student in Behavioral Marketing at Stanford GSB.  Broadly speaking, she researches self-concept, and self-evaluation.
tony Tony teaches muay thai kickboxing at SAY. He has been training in mixed martial arts, boxing, jujitsu, and muay thai for many years. He's won four championship titles and now fights professionally. When he's not training, he is usually eating chocolate, or playing with his Persian cat,Steve. He has a passion for animals, especially dogs and reptiles. His biggest fears are spiders and cloudy water. The worst thing that could ever happen is if he were wading in cloudy water with spiders crawling on his head. He hopes for the successful return of the once famous soda,Surge.
vina Vina fell in love with bhangra dance and music as an undergraduate at Yale, where she competed on the bhangra team for four years. After starting law school at Stanford, she realized that bhangra was a great way to relieve stress and stay active, and she wanted to share this activity with other students and community members. She has since completed training to teach bhangra fitness classes, and she is incredibly excited to be teaching at SAY this year!