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What to Bring

While there are restrooms and a water fountain available to participants, there are no lockers and no shower facilities nearby. Please plan accordingly.

All classes:

(1) Your pass or printed out receipt or check
(2) Your ID
(3) Water bottle and/or towel
(4) Wear comfortable and supportive clothing appropriate for your class.

All Outdoor Classes: We cannot accept cash or checks at outdoor classes; you must purchase a pass online BEFORE class or show your quarter/academic year pass.

Cardio classes (except NIA):

Fitness footwear with a stable base (ideally cross-trainer type shoes).


Hand weights (1-12 lbs) are provided, along with exertubes and bands. Participants may bring their own hand weights, if desired.


Exercise mats are provided. If desired, participants may bring sticky mats to put on top of the exercise mats.


Participants must provide their own yoga (sticky) mats, which are available at Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon, and other stores selling fitness equipment.  We have a limited number of mats that can be used by students trying out a class for the first time.  Please ask the instructor if you would like to borrow a mat.

Outdoor Yoga: You MUST bring yor own mat and/or towel.

Lost and Found:

Stanford Aerobics and Yoga is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please use discretion in what you bring to class. If you have lost an item during class and it is no longer in the venue, please contact us to inquire if we have seen it; you may also check with the Rains Office at (650) 725-4739.