Stanford Alpine Club Forms and Waivers
  • Liability Waiver (new 2007 version)
  • Driving Waiver (2007 version)
  • Medical Information Form
  • Gear Checkout Form
  • Rock Skills Checkoff Form new 2004 version (MS Word format)
    A few words of explanation may be in order regarding this form. Its main purpose is to have some explicit standards for qualifying people to instruct in climbing classes and to rent lead or toproping gear. A secondary purpose is to have a club roster with some skill level info, so that people can seek climbing partners with appropriate skill levels. We're not trying to set up a "hierarchy", really! We're just trying to be a little more objective than having completely self-assessed skills. So if you'd like to participate in these sorts of things, please take a little time to assess your skill level and list a few of the routes you've climbed!
  • 2003 roster / Checkoff spreadsheet (Excel format)