Stanford Alpine Club Meetings
Quarterly Meetings

The Stanford Alpine Club has two formal meetings per quarter - one during the second week of the quarter and one at the end of the quarter. The purpose of the first meeting is to discuss any important club matters, such as gear purchasing decisions, addendums to policies regarding skill compentency requirements, etc, as well as servce as the initial planning session for the official club trips for the quarter. At the end of each quarter, the Alpine Club has a potluck dinner where we share stories from our adventures during that quarter and dream up new ideas for the following season.

Weekly Meetings

In addition to the two quarterly meetings, the Stanford Alpine Club also meets on a weekly basis to socialize and make plans for informal trips for the weekend. These meetings are completely open to the public and anyone interested in meeting other members of the Stanford climbing community is encouraged to come and hang out.

Immediately following the meetings is the Sierra Nevada Slideshow series which showcases the outdoor adventures of members of our community.

  • See the Calendar for upcoming slideshows and events. They are announced on the "climbing" and "alpine-club" email lists on the Thursday and Monday before the show. Contact our slideshow coordinator if you have a slideshow to contribute.

    The meeting time and location (for Fall 2007) is as follows:

  • LOCATION: Clark Center s360
  • TIME: Mondays, 7pm
  • map