Stanford Alpine Journal

The Stanford Alpine Journal 2002-2003

This issue of the Journal was printed in September 2004 and is available to members of the Stanford community.

It is also available for sale, for $7 (plus shipping if required).

It is in 8.5" x 11" format, black and white, staple bound. Contents:
Letter from the Editor by Daniel Arnold Pg 3
Letter from the SAC 2002-2003 President by Bryan Palmintier Pg 5
Epic on Arrowhead Arete by Dave Weaver Pg 9
Some Thoughts on Expeditions by Bryan Palmintier Pg 15
Bathing in the Temple of Aaaar! by Jacquie Pratt Pg 21
Ready for the Salathe'? by Alex Cooper Pg 28
A New Route in the Wrangell Mountains
N.B. the current URL for the Wrangell map is:
by Dave Kroodsma Pg 35
Getting a Fix - Strange Days in Yosemite by Daniel Arnold Pg 41
Ascents and Adventures Pg 45-56