Selma Maarouf

Sale, Morocco Selma Maarouf is working to create an association that advocates human rights and give youth a chance to express their aspirations and help make a positive and lasting difference in their community. This “making politics matter” initiative aims to develop an awareness of democratic values, engage people in decision-making and prepare them for [...]

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Seif Elkhawanky

Cairo, Egypt Seif ElKhawanky is finishing his MA degree in Political Science at the American University in Cairo with specialization in political development. He received his BA in Political Science from the American University in Cairo with specialization in International Law and Political Economy and a minor in History. Since his graduation, he has been [...]

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Hoor al-Khaja

Dubai, UAE descriptive essay about food Hoor Al-Khaja’s initiative merges her unique passion for film, economics and cultures. It will explore the social and economic repercussions of an ever-growing United Arab Emirates given its unique demographic structure where the natives (locals) are a diminishing minority. This will shed light on how the effects of this [...]


Ram Sachs

Cupertino, CA parts of a persuasive essay Ram Sachs’ project is youth and water management in the rural communities of the Jordan River Valley. Jordan, Israel, and the West Bank are facing a severe water shortage, necessitating more effective use of the shared Jordan River Valley watershed. His goal is to create an idea exchange [...]

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Lubna Alzaroo

West Bank, Palestine Lubna Arzoo founded “Sharing Stories,” an initiative that aims to provide books and English reading sessions to children in Palestinian public schools, in the hopes of making learning English more enjoyable for children, improving their English, and encouraging them to read. Lubna Alzaroo is a senior at Bethlehem University majoring in English [...]

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Ali al-Murtadha

Sanaa, Yemen Ali al-Murtadha, a community service activist, a student in Sana’a University and a graduate of Yemen America Language Institute, looks to make books more accessible to students and to help create a generation of avid readers. In Yemen, reading is not an ingrained habit in schools because libraries are either poorly equipped or [...]

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James Hurley

James Hurley

New York, NY James Hurley is a senior at Iona College in New Rochelle, NY. He studies Political Science and History, although his undergraduate thesis explored the role of philosophy in constitutional litigation of gay rights cases. While at Iona, James has worked as a researcher with a NGO at UN Headquarters authoring a policy [...]

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Micah Hendler

New Haven, CT how to lose belly fat fast for men Micah Hendler, an International Relations and Music Double Major at Yale University, is hoping to start an Israeli-Palestinian youth choir in Jerusalem. This choir will contain musical and political dialogue, enabling its members to form close friendships with–as well as a deeper understanding of–the [...]

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Firyal Abdulaziz

Sohar, Oman Firyal Abdulaziz, a medical student and healthy diet activist from Sohar, the Sultanate of Oman, has started a project in 2011 titled “Meet Your Food” that aims to educate young females about healthy dieting in order to combat obesity. She realizes that obesity, diabetes and hypertension form the trio of death in Oman [...]

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