Alana Marie Levinson-LaBrosse

United States Alana Marie Levinson-LaBrosse is a poet, translator, professor, and the English Department Chair at the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani (AUIS). She recently finished her Masters of Fine Arts in poetry writing and has since focused on translating regional poetry never before rendered in English. Last spring, she edited and published a translation [...]

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George Somi thumbnail

George Somi

Cambridge, MA George Somi seeks to understand how the nations of the Arab World can develop more transparent and just governments and societies that embrace the concept of ‘rule of law.’ A project that he is currently working on, in the form of his master’s thesis, is uncovering the ongoing relationship between the Lebanese joint-stock [...]

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Gavin Schalliol


Sonya Kassis

Garden City, MI Sonya Kassis’ initiative, The Watch Your Waste program is a joint effort between the Arab American National Museum and the Children’s Museum Jordan. The program engages Jordanian and American youth in creating a website called the Watch Your Waste e-Museum. Through the site, and other social media outlets including Facebook, middle school [...]


Elizabeth Harmon

Menlo Park, CA Elizabeth Zumwalt Harmon, a student of International Relations and Arabic at Stanford University, would like to build a trusted, comprehensive portal for students interested in studying Arabic abroad that will aid them in choosing a location, school, pedagogy, and instructors while also smoothing their transition from interested student to settled expatriate. Given [...]


Rana Sharif

Los Angeles, CA Rana Sharif, both scholar and activist, proposes a regional conference that will link US and MENA academicians, practitioners and policy makers on the topic of gender in the MENA region. Specifically, this conference will comprise of three broad themes: theory, policy, and practice. She is currently working on a PhD in Women’s [...]

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Ram Sachs

Cupertino, CA parts of a persuasive essay Ram Sachs’ project is youth and water management in the rural communities of the Jordan River Valley. Jordan, Israel, and the West Bank are facing a severe water shortage, necessitating more effective use of the shared Jordan River Valley watershed. His goal is to create an idea exchange [...]

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Nada Ramadan

Washington DC, Egypt Nada Ramadan, Stanford graduate and current Masters in Arab Studies at Georgetown University, brings to us Teach for Egypt as her initiative. Teach for Egypt seeks to battle education inequality by empowering young leaders to make an immediate difference in their societies. Based on a popular model that has been successfully implemented [...]

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Priya Knudsen

Merrimack, NH Priya Knudsen, a graduating Senior at the American University in Cairo, endeavors to combat the stigma, myths, and misconceptions associated with HIV/AIDS in Egypt, and ultimately to ensure that no patient is ostracized or refused medical care because he or she is HIV positive. I aim to do this by first approaching university [...]


Nadir Ijaz

Falls Church, VA Nadir Ijaz, an undergraduate Senior at Duke (Chemistry Major and minor in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies) propose a project that has two goals: (1) to empower MENA immigrants, primarily those who are uninsured, in the Washington, DC area to be active, care-seeking patients and (2) to educate providers about the cultural, [...]