We can’t save everything: The road to triage

Biologist Terry Root talks about her approach to bio-diversity loss, earth science communication, and the far-reaching impacts of humankind in our most heartfelt interview to date.

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Terry Root
Terry Root is a professor in Biology at Stanford University. After studying Math and Statistics from the University of New Mexico, she changed focus to Biology for her Masters at the University of Colorado, and her doctorate in Biology at Princeton.  She is a Senior Fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment, a Fellow of the American Ornithologist’s Union, a science advisor for Defenders of Wildlife, an Aldo Leopold Leadership Fellow, and a lead author of the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report. Her research interests include the responses of organisms to climate change, the distribution of organisms across continents, and ornithology.


Rachael Monosson
Rachael Monosson is a fifth-year Stanford Student studying Earth Systems.  She’s lived her whole life in San Mateo, California, but went to high school in San Francisco. She has been interested in environmental issues since she was a child, starting as an animal lover and evolving from there. She has measured the backs of nesting sea turtles in Costa Rica, volunteered at the San Francisco Zoo and at a Marine Mammal museum in Vancouver Island, and studied in mangroves, coral reefs, and Rocky Mountain streams. She likes science fiction stories and dogs.

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