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If you'd like to collaborate with Stanford Says No To War to organize a joint event, we welcome all your suggestions.

Structure of the group

Those of us who regularly attend the meetings and/or have taken part in the formation of the group, are members of the list iraq_coalition_planning@lists.stanford.edu. At the meetings, we begin by deciding on the agenda of the meeting, and then talk about the individual items on the agenda. Throughout the week, we send out emails among ourselves via the planning list. If you get involved with the organization of events, you also will be a part of the planning list and we welcome all who are interested in being involved.

There are also a larger group of people on our mailing list, iraq_coalition@lists.stanford.edu. This list is used for more general notifications, for posting interesting articles or links, and generally for discussion of the war.

Another list---which has originally been created by Stanford Amnesty---is action_condi@lists.stanford.edu "to have an email list to connect Stanford with the surrounding community re: discussion, debate, and activism surrounding Rice's return to Stanford."

The above structure will of course evolve as time passes, but this is the current form.

For reference:

Officers of the group

The current formal officers of the group can be found through the "Group Search" feature at http://mygroups.stanford.edu/.

2008-2009 school year officers:

  • President - Adam Hudson
  • Financial Officer - Ahlia Kattan
  • E-Commerce Officer - Daniel Mathews
  • Calendar Administrator - S. Ekin Kocabas


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