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Go Massive, Go Rumsfeld!

In the early afternoon of 9/11/2001, Rumsfeld said to "go massive" and go after Saddam Hussein, not just Osama bin Laden, "things related and not"... "sweep it all up" he said, thereby charting US policy for the next few years, part of a long series of actions amounting to the supreme international war crime, aggressive war.

Go Massive, Go Rumsfeld!

Go Massive! 1.2 million Iraqis dead.

Go Massive! 3,000 US soldiers dead.

Go Massive! Go Guantanamo.

Go Massive! Go Abu Ghraib.

Go Massive, Go Rumsfeld!

Go Massive! GO TO JAIL.


Go Massive, GO.

Rumsfeld links

Principal Allegations against Donald Rumsfeld

War Criminality


Perversion of Science

(Perhaps also a heading for world domination, Project for New American Century, geopolitical fantasising with CIA team B, meetings with dictators, etc?)

Brief Biography of Donald Rumsfeld

(Short, in dot point form but including all the important points...)

Donald Rumsfeld Quotes

  • "best info fast... judge whether good enough to hit S.H. @ same time - not only U.B.L... Hard to get a good case... Need to move swiftly - Near term target needs - Go massive - sweep it all up, need to do so to get anything useful. Things related and not."
    • The notebook of Rumsfeld's assistant from 2:40 pm, 9/11/01. S.H. is Saddam Hussein. U.B.L. is Usama Bin Laden. A supposed link between Saddam Hussein and Bin Laden --- self-declared mortal enemies --- was used as the basis for the invasion of Iraq 18 months later.
  • "Gitmoize it."
    • On Abu Ghraib: Instruction of Rumsfeld to Major General Geoffrey Miller, previously commander of Guantanamo prison, sent to Abu Ghraib prison.
  • "I stand for 8-10 hours a day. Why is standing limited to four hours?"
    • On Torture
  • "I didn't know you were allowed to bring cameras into prison!"
    • Response to learning of Abu Ghraib pictures, according to an official who was present.
  • "Make sure this happens!!"
    • Handwritten note at the bottom of a memorandum sent to Abu Ghraib, authorising interrogation techniques including use of dogs, stress positions, loud music, deprivation of food, keeping the lights on etc; according to Brigadier General Janis Karpinski, commander of US military prison system in Iraq at the time.
  • "Stuff happens"
    • April 11 2003, as widespread riots and looting broke out in Baghdad, and the US military did little to stop them.
  • "No matter what... it would be approved by the end of 1981."
    • On aspartame, the artificial "low-calorie" sweetener produced by pharmaceutical company GD Searle, where Rumsfeld was CEO from 1977-1985. Paraphrased, according to one of Rumsfeld's sales force. Numerous studies demonstrate a link between aspartame and brain cancer; an FDA panel in 1980 voted 3-0 to block its release. After his election, Reagan fired the head of the FDA and the new appointee shortly approved it on 18 July 1981, disregarding the inquiry.
  • "My feeling about the so-called occupied territories are that there was a war, Israel urged neighboring countries not to get involved in it once it started, they all jumped in, and they lost a lot of real estate to Israel because Israel prevailed in that conflict. In the intervening period, they've made some settlements in various parts of the so-called occupation area, which was the result of a war, which they won."
    • August 6, 2002, at a "town meeting" of Pentagon staff. Through this period Rumsfeld and Cheney were deleting language from the text of Bush addresses that was supposedly favourable to the Palestinian cause. Under international law, all acquisition of territory by conquest is illegal and any settlement activity on conquered land is also illegal.
  • "[A]n asymmetry has developed over the years [in civil defense] that bears directly on our strategic relationship with the Soviets and on the credibility of our deterrent posture..."
    • In the National Journal, September 9, 1978. Spreading fear of falling behind the Soviets. Rumsfeld, along with the so-called "Team B", spread the wildest fears of Soviet paranoia, to the great profit of military contractors. This group went on to become an integral part of the "neoconservatives" and the "Project for a New American Century".
  • "The best time you can have is with a chainsaw."
    • ABC Primetime, March 25 2004. Rumsfeld's favourite form of relaxation at his holiday residence in Taos, New Mexico, is to go out and chainsaw the lower branches of trees.

War crimes trials

French prosecutors throw out Rumsfeld torture case Fri Nov 23, 2007 12:27pm EST PARIS (Reuters) - The Paris prosecutors' office has dismissed a suit against Donald Rumsfeld accusing the former U.S. defense secretary of torture, human rights groups who brought the case said on Friday.

On Rumsfeld's immunity from prosecution, see the wikipedia article (recommended by Todd Davies).

In the faculty senate

The matter of Rumsfeld's appointment was raised in the faculty senate meeting on November 8, 2007. Faculty asked questions of Hoover Institution Director John Raisian.

The full minutes are at

Here is an excerpt from the text (thanks to Todd Davies):

"Professor Joshua Landy was the first to raise his hand:

"At the time of the appointment, was Hoover aware that a war crimes complaint was filed against Rumsfeld in November 2006? Was it aware of the result of the Hamdan versus Rumsfeld case, in which the Supreme Court ruled in June 2006 that the administration violated the Geneva convention? And does any of this affect in any way your glowing report of his, quote, unquote, 'distinguished career'?"

Dr. Raisian replied that he thought Secretary Rumsfeld's full career speaks for itself. He said he was aware of the judgements mentioned but saw them as allegations. "I decided to proceed nonetheless."

Professor Landy continued, "You take the Hamdan case to be an allegation?"

Dr. Raisian acknowledged, "I was aware of the situation and decided that it was still pertinent and worthy to extend the invitation.""

In the ASSU (Undergraduate Senate)

In the ASSU meeting of 10/9/07, undergraduate senator Stuart Baimel introduced two resolutions, one in support of Donald Rumsfeld's appointment to the Hoover institution (Undergraduate Senate Bill 11), and one against (Undergraduate Senate Bill 10), "to force senate action on the issue".[Cite: p.3 of ASSU minutes 10/9/07, appearing in Agenda Packet for ASSU meeting 10/23/07]

(Details of resolutions in the ASSU)

Adam's potential Daily op-ed on results of ASSU resolution - The Danger of Fear

Articles on Rumsfeld

  • Rumsfeld Resignation - MP3 - My Politics and Progressive Perspective (posted by Hank Edson to the facebook group): Rumsfeld didn't even mention the war in his resignation letter to Bush. This article discusses some of the more pertinent reasons he should have been forced out of the administration in disgrace and why we should organize a massive protest to his presence at the Hoover Institution.

Articles on torture


  • Radio interview of Jameel Jaffer by C.S. Soong on KPFA Radio. Jaffer is the couthor with Amrit Singh of the book *Administration of Torture*, which includes official documents bearing on the Bush Administration's responsibility for violations of U.S. and International Law. Jaffer and Singh are lawyers at the ACLU, and the book was published this fall by Columbia University Press. Jaffer details allegations and evidence against Rumsfeld in particular in this interview. (Recommended by Todd Davies)
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