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  • Teach-in
  • Hold a Rumsfeld-Stanford Memorial Film Festival every year to memorialize those who have suffered human rights abuses and death because of their policies
  • Project a film onto the side of Hoover tower
  • Mock trial (Rumsfeld event sponsored by ASSU)
  • Physical/Visual
  • Films
  • Outreach
  • Rumsfeld-like activities  lampoon his presence
  • Rumsfeld Film Festival
  • STAMP theater
  • Banners
  • Christmas/Valentine’s cards to Hoover
  • Balloons/ballon-banners
  • Target alumni - petition to not donate
  • Fast
  • Website
  • Speakers
  • T-shirts
  • Look for Hoover events and try to stage a protest
  • Letter-writing/petition
  • “illegal immigration into Iraq”
  • Plan something during Admit Weekend or Parents' Weekend (i.e. hand out Rumsfeld brochures)
  • Collaborating with religious community and Amnesty International (Hillel, Catholics, Muslims, Buddhists, etc.)
  • Have seniors pledge to no longer donate because of Rumsfeld
  • Clocks/counters (deaths, cost of war, etc.)
  • Sit-in
  • Die-in
  • “torture-in”
  • Live-in (camp)
  • Weekly (or bi-weekly) talks at lunch-time with guest speakers (possibly Abbas Milani, Larry Diamond, Scott Sagan, David Abernethy, Lisa Blaydes, James Sheehan, Deborah Satz, etc. )
  • A countdown of the 30 days in the invitation extended to Rumsfeld by the ASSU senate.
  • Inviting Aimee Allison & Joshua Gaines to give a talk on campus. Here are some logistics.
  • Apply CodePink's Valentine's Day strategy! Valentine's Day Kiss-In at Military Recruiting Centers. Brilliant! Don't enlist, stay and kiss! (The nearest recruiting centre to Stanford is down El Camino in Mountain View.)
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