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Add names and biographical details and possible topics...

  • Rachel Maddow, MSNBC anchor and Stanford alum
  • Ali Abunimah, founder of Electronic Intifada
  • Denis Kucinich, US House of Representatives
  • Lynn Woolsey, US House of Representatives
  • Barbara Lee, US House of Representatives
  • Bob Herbert, NY Times columnist
  • Jameel Jaffer or Amrit Singh, authors of the book *Administration of Torture*, which includes official documents bearing on the Bush Administration's responsibility for violations of U.S. and International Law. Jaffer and Singh are lawyers at the ACLU, and the book was published this fall by Columbia University Press. See also [ this radio interview]. (Recommended by Todd Davies)
  • Abbas Milani
  • Larry Diamond
  • Scott Sagan
  • David Abernethy
  • Lisa Blaydes
  • James Sheehan
  • Deborah Satz
  • Elizabeth de la Vega, author U.S. v. George W. Bush et al.
  • Debra Sweet, National Director of World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime
  • Ruth Fallenbaum, Psychologists for an Ethical APA
  • Aimee Allison, Stanford Alum, Army of None
  • Stephen Funk, Stanford Senior ('08), U.S. Marine & San Francisco Bay Area chapter president of Iraq Veterans Against the War, was the first person in the military to speak out publicly against the war and was imprisoned in military prison for speaking out (Google him).
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