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General tips, hints, thoughts on organizing events...


Approval Policies, scheduling procedures, etc...

Events can be "approved".

Events can be scheduled either by the Registrar's scheduling office (RSO) or by a sponsor in a specific school or departmental space.

Events scheduled through the Registrar's Scheduling Office require full approval by the Registrar's Scheduling Office and Stanford Events. Student organizations should also consult the Office of Student Activities.

Events scheduled by the sponsor in a specific school or departmental space require the direct administrative approval of the space-granting entity.

Stanford event organizing links

General events site, :

Office of Student Activities (OSA) :

Registrar's office:

Room bookings:

Event & Labor Services:

Advertising events


Approved events that are open to the Stanford community or open to the public can be advertised on Events at Stanford if they meet the following requirements:

  • the group must possess confirmation of venue reservation for the proposed date and time
  • all contracts for the vendor or speaker must be signed
  • benefit fundraisers must have special approval from OSA and Stanford Events to be posted
  • the event is not a party

It is not necessary that you send in the approval paperwork to, but you must have it on file should questions arise concerning your event.

Once "published" at, the event is placed in the queue to be published to the website, usually within 24 hours. Once an event has been submitted, you may go back and edit the event record at any time using the admin system. If the event has already been published, changes you make will show up within 4 hours. You may not change the time, date, or location of the event without having these changes approved by OSA, Stanford Events, or the space-granting entity. You are, however, free to edit the other descriptive information about the event. Events will generally appear on the website within 4-8 hours after submission. Publication of events is at the discretion of the calendar editor.

If an event does not meet the criteria for publication in Events at Stanford or violates university policy, local, state, or federal laws, its listing will be removed. Participation in Events at Stanford is a privilege that can be revoked at the discretion of the calendar editor, director of public events or the director of student activities.

Policies and procedures are at:

For student events only... linked to google.

Other organizations

PPJC has a calendar of events at


Global Exchange...


Email Lists

  • Faculty Against the War list
  • Amnesty
  • SBM
  • Peninsula Peace and Justice
  • SAAC
  • Graduate Student Council
  • Facebook

Good event locations

  • GCC -- Havana room
  • Koret Pavillion
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