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  • The campus group Stanford Says No to War has been circulating a petition that currently has over 1000 signees from the Stanford community, including students, staff, alums and professors. The text of this petition reads: "We the undersigned students, faculty, staff, alumni, and other concerned members of the Stanford community, believe that high officials of the U.S. Government, including our former Provost, current Political Science Professor, and Hoover Institution Senior Fellow, Condoleezza Rice, should be held accountable for any serious violations of the Law (including ratified treaties, statutes, and/or the U.S. Constitution) through investigation and, if the facts warrant, prosecution, by appropriate legal authorities." Would you like to sign our petition? If not, what part of the petition do you disagree with? (Petition 'source': )
  • How do you feel that harboring a war criminal like Condoleezza Rice reflects on Stanford University, and on you, personally, as a member of the administration?
  • What would you tell a parent who objected to a war criminal like Condoleezza Rice teaching her son or daughter about politics?
  • The Fundamental Standard says: "Students at Stanford are expected to show both within and without the University such respect for order, morality, personal honor and the rights of others as is demanded of good citizens. Failure to do this will be sufficient cause for removal from the University." ( )Do you think the Fundamental Standard should apply to faculty? If yes, do you think Condoleezza Rice's conduct in office would be grounds for her removal under this standard? If not, why not? (Whatever answer s/he gives, e.g. "Faculty might be targeted for political reasons", question why students are different, e.g. "Couldn't students be targeted for political reasons as well?")
  • Would you want your own children to be taught by a war criminal like Condoleezza Rice?
  • Do you think Stanford should set up an independent commission to investigate Condoleezza Rice's prior actions and her current fitness to hold a position at Stanford?
  • Do you feel that Stanford hiring and continuing to retain someone like Condoleezza Rice, who is suspected of being a war criminal, upholds the university's values and traditions? Do you feel that she should be put on suspension until an investigation into her actions is complete?
  • Do you feel that a full investigation into Condoleezza Rice's role in promoting a broad U.S. policy of unethical and illegal torture is warranted? Do you feel that if she is found to be complicit in promoting torture that she should be prosecuted for her actions?
  • Have any students ever been disciplined by or expelled from Stanford as a result of behavior off campus and unrelated to any Stanford activities? If yes, then why are we letting teachers' criminal behavior go unpunished by Stanford, notably the war crimes of Condoleezza Rice?
  • Under what conditions does Stanford report criminal activity to the DA? Why hasn't Stanford notified the DA of Condi's criminal activity?
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