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Philip Zelikow and the US "imperial grand strategy"

Philip Zelikow, a historian at the University of Virginia, was the executive director of the 9/11 commission. He's had several contacts with Karl Rove, and was a friend of Condoleeza Rice. (Hardly creating an appearance of impartiality!)

But perhaps more importantly, in September 2002, the United States released its National Security Strategy --- essentially making world domination, violation of international law and preventive war official US policy. This is the document responsible for making the US officially committed to war crimes as a matter of policy, then applied in Iraq, and described as an "imperial grand strategy" in establishment journals like Foreign Affairs. The author of this incredible and criminal document was none other than Mr. 9/11 commission executive director, Philip Zelikow!

(This also includes discussion of related issues, such as Zelikow's influence on the 9/11 report and some allegations about his behaviour during that time. If interested, see the further discussion at and Zelikow's defence of himself at In case you didn't see, an NBC investigation found that over a quarter of the footnotes in the 9/11 commission report referred to individuals who were subjected to torture, i.e. "enhanced interrogation techniques". )

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