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In early February 2008, Bush announced his proposal for the military budget - the highest since World War II. Military spending increases 5%: $515,400,000,000 proposed, including $70,000,000,000 for work on the nuclear arsenal (categorised as DoE) and various other defence-related stuff, that comes to $608,600,000,000 for the year, which is $1,200,000 PER MINUTE, yes, $1.2 million every minute of the year, day and night, weekday and weekend. And, that doesn't include the cost of wars, $170,000,000,000 over the next fiscal year, over and above the "regular" $515.4b. Meanwhile, the following are cut: home energy assistance program; EPA; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; federal child care assistance; and Medicaid. Total education increases, but less than inflation.

Meanwhile, the military-industrial complex is producing such wonderful objects as this:

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