Stanford Says No To War
We are a group of students and members of the Stanford community who have come together to work for peace and justice. Believing in fundamental human rights and the preciousness of all human life, we welcome all people who oppose aggression, militarism, war crimes and war criminals. We will work to create an inclusive, tolerant, respectful environment that engages with issues facing us in the world, and breaks the silence on the serious questions war raises in our community. We will work, through nonviolent and peaceful means, to make Stanford a better place in a better world: free of war criminals, free of war profiteers, a place of knowledge and learning for peaceful ends, and aware of the role that the university, and more broadly the United States, plays in the world. We will show that a better world is possible. And we will have a good time doing it.
Students for Palestinian Equal Rights
Students for Palestinian Equal Rights ("SPER") is a group of Stanford University students formed in response to the continued practice of apartheid by the state of Israel.
Stanford Amnesty
Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 3 million supporters, members and activists in more than 150 countries and territories who campaign to end grave abuses of human rights.
Stanford Asian American Activism Committee
The Stanford Asian American Activism Committee (SAAAC) is a student-run, student-led grassroots organization of Asian Americans dedicated to progressive social change. We recognize the existence of global and systemic inequalities and actively work to alter these systems of power. We fight for the humanization of our communities through radical acts of love, consciousness-raising, and unified action across communities at Stanford and beyond.
Stanford Labor Action Coalition
The Student Labor Action Coalition (SLAC) is a network of campus organizations that support worker struggles and their unions. Since its founding in 1994, SLAC organizations typically have worked to educate the campus community on unions and worker struggles, organized students and broader campus communities to participate in labor solidarity activities in the U.S. and worldwide, built coalitions with local unions and social justice organizations, and trained students to work within the labor movement.
Sweat-Free Stanford Campaign
The Sweat-free Stanford campaign is a coalition convened by the student group Stanford Asian American Activism Committee. We are concerned with Stanford's sourcing practices. We want our clothes made in a humane fashion, by workers who are paid fair wages for their work. We are made up of a coalition of student groups and individuals.
Stanford Taking On Poverty
Stanford’s Students Taking on Poverty (STOP) was founded in the fall of 2006 by a group of Stanford students who were passionate about alleviating poverty and inequality in the United States and committed to motivating their fellow students to care about these issues and take action. Now in its fifth year, STOP continues to fight against poverty in the United States. On campus, STOP organizes events and initiatives to increase campus awareness about poverty and inequality at the local, state, and national level. STOP also works off-campus with local organizations in the Mid-Peninsula area to increase financial and human capital resources for low-income residents.
Stanford Theater Activist Mobilization Project
The Stanford Theater Activist Mobilization Project (STAMP) is the only Stanford on-campus group dedicated to politically educating and motivating students through theatre and performance. STAMP has held performances across a wide variety of theatre genres and has quickly grown to one of the most well-known and influential student activist groups on campus.
Stanford Students For Queer Liberation
As an activist collective, we believe that LGBT freedom involves more than legal equality – it necessitates radical social change. We affirm that the right to be different is a fundamental human right and organize around the fact that our liberation is not contingent on adapting to the status quo, but on contesting and changing social norms. We envision a world where all people can manifest their identities with integrity and security.
Stanford N.A.A.C.P.
The mission of the NAACP is to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate racial hatred and racial discrimination. The vision of the NAACP is to ensure a society in which all individuals have equal rights and there is no racial hatred or racial discrimination.
Stanford Friends of Tibet
Stanford Friends of Tibet is a student organization here at Stanford University with the primary goals of promoting Tibetan culture and raising awareness about the political situation inside Tibet. Through hosting different events throughout the year while participating in other Stanford events, we hope to bring the Tibetan culture into our diverse Stanford community and educate community members about the political situation in Tibet.
Stanford STATIC
Self-identified progressive activists are invited to write and submit pieces (journalistic, literary, creative, artistic, whatever!) that provide a progressive perspective. There’s also a list of active activist groups on campus, and a calendar of events. This is a place to put your critical thinking skills to use as you engage with the posts, poetry, and people that sustain this site. Not all content needs to be political, but it should reflect a creative resistance to the norm – a response to mainstream dialogue about communities, ideologies, politics, and action.
MEChA de Stanford
The purpose of MEChA de Stanford is to respond to the social, political, cultural, and educational needs of the Chicano/Latino community and to promote and publicize these needs to the Stanford Community at large. Founded in 1969 as a response to the discrimination of Chicanos and Latinos in society, MEChA is now dedicated to fostering cultural awareness, political activism, educational outreach, and a bond of familia in Chicano/Latino students.
Stanford Immigrant Rights Project
The Stanford Immigrant Rights Project (SIRP) was founded by students who went to Arizona and San Diego on an Alternative Spring Break that focused on immigration issues in 2009. During the trip, students learned about the difficult journeys for immigrants crossing the border. From the experiences on the trip, the Stanford groups wanted to continue to raise awareness about immigrant rights on campus and in the Bay Area. Founded in Spring Quarter 2009, the Stanford Immigrant Rights project conducted two speaker series with Zoe Lofgren and Enrique Morones to speak about the DREAM Act and border crossings. The group has many exciting opportunities for the future including speaker series, movie series, community outreach at Day Worker Centers, and a Know Your Rights campaign at Stanford.
Muslim Students Awareness Network
The Muslim Student Awareness Network (MSAN) is a student organization on the Stanford campus dedicated to raising awareness on the political, social, and cultural issues of the Muslim world.
*This background photo depicts Vietnam War protesters as they marched to the Capitol in April 1971.*