THE GARBAGE PROJECT was officially founded in the Spring of 1973 at the University of Arizona by archaeologist William Rathje, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology, with . . .

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the help of then-graduate student Fred Gorman & undergraduate Mark Suckling. A detailed discussion of the Project's goals and history is provided by Document IconEncyc B'96.pdf. A brief general history of "garbology" can be found at "garbology". A vita of Garbage Porject activities from 1973-2000 can be found at Document IconGPvita'00.pdf

Posted at Dec 11/2005 05:30PM:
Can expedient behavior in prehistoric lithic assemblages be correlated to behaviors in modern waste?

Posted at Dec 15/2005 05:53AM:
Tasha Taylo Wow, this garbage project it sperrt crazy you know? Going through peoples garbage! WEIRD! -Tasha Taylor, Anthro 101