Posted at Jul 31/2006 01:09PM:
Mother Nature Hates Litter!! We Homo Sapiens see ourselves as top of the animal food chain. We think we can MESS with the earth, like we stand on bugs or kill endangered Species! Its about time that we start respecting our planet, (alot more!!!) cause if we don't, who knows what mother Nature will do 2 us! In time the earth will need 2 recycle its self, and in the process destroy life, like the dinosaurs. We should learn from this & Recycle our selves! Davy Amun/Ra

Posted at Jul 11/2006 12:35PM:
Sergio d: i hate to litter!!!!!!!!!!!! but i have too sometimes sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted at Jun 22/2006 06:43AM:
paul I litter all of the time.

Posted at Jun 12/2006 07:13AM:
Jenna ppl need to stop ur ruining the environment! if you all know what is best u would stop please........keep our world clean!

Posted at Jun 12/2006 07:08AM:
AnnBriona Yea i agree littering suxs! im doing a science fair project about it and so far the info i learned isnt pretty! i love animals and people are endangering them by littering! THEY NEED TO STOP PRONTO!!!!!

Posted at May 30/2006 06:07AM:
andrea s i love u

Posted at May 30/2006 06:06AM:
danielle wyatt u well all find a way

Posted at May 30/2006 06:05AM:
Kimberley kean the world is commin to a end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...D-U-H

Posted at May 25/2006 01:15PM:
wizkidjr20:maybe people wouldn't litter if there were a trash can 2 miles from where they are littering genuis.if the goverment care so much about litter stop taking away the garbage can around my city and instead build new ones{New york]

Hello, My name is Brittney.I absolutely can't stand littering.If I see someone littering I will get so mad that I would have to pick it up,I cannot help it.I understand the effects it has on me and everyone else,but I also understand that other folks don't care. Iam going to try my best to get the word out to people to STOP this horrible habit.

Posted at May 01/2006 04:11PM:
THINK!!!!!!!!!!!! OF OUR FUTURE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WILL BE HORRIBLE IF WE KEEP ON LITTERING!!!!!!!!!!!!! THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THINK OF THE ANIMALS YOUR GRAND CHILDREN THEY WILL LIVE IN TRASH IF WE DONT STOP THIS!!!!!!!!! THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted at Apr 30/2006 05:24PM:
I think littering is horrible.It kills more animals than you think.when you see road kill on the side of the road its because of littering.

Posted at Apr 22/2006 07:04PM:
why do people litter? maybe because their lazy, or just don't care? well they need to learn to get off their tush and find a trashcan because soon our towns will look unheathy and discusting!(if you think about it)

Posted at Apr 06/2006 04:40PM:
im doing a search on landfills and i was wandering if any body could tell me where to visit one

Posted at Mar 13/2006 11:22AM:
I think people that litter are just plain lazy. It's as simple as that. Get up and throw it in the appropriate's not that hard people!

Posted at Feb 22/2006 07:05AM:
hailey taylor i think that people have no right to litter! other people and things live on this planet to and when you die you want other people to live on this planet too. when you die the earth is not going with you.

Posted at Feb 06/2006 07:19AM:
Brittie:as a former habitual litter'er the trash on roadsides is nasty and preventable.

Posted at Dec 09/2005 10:32AM:
hey what is our future if we keep littering THINK!

Posted at Nov 02/2005 11:19AM:

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