Purificación "Popo" Arriola López: Garífuna Dance Troupe Director
  Popo is the director of a Garífuna dance troupe called the "Barauda." Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Photo credit: Drew Irwin.  
My Struggle to Study Art
My name is Purificación Arriola López. But I am known as Popo in the artistic world. I am the director of "Barauda," a Garífuna dance troupe in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. I have always liked music. When I was little, I liked to make drums out of tin cans and play them. I also had parties in my house and passed around a conch shell for the whole world to play. Afterwards, I had the impulse to learn more about music. I went to the cities to study because there wasn't a high school in my community, just an elementary school. This is one of the problems in the Garífuna communities – that we don't have secondary schools and so, people have to migrate to the cities in search of "the bread of knowledge."

Learn more from Popo! Hear Popo speak of other social problems troubling Garífuna communities today. Listen to Popo explain the meaning of the Garífuna ritual dance, punta. Watch him give a demonstration on Garífuna musical instruments.

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Credit: Interview and transcription by InCorpore Cultural Association© with Purificación "Popo" Arriola López; Triunfo de la Cruz, Honduras; July 1998. All rights reserved. Edited and translated by K.Stevens; Stanford Center for Latin American Studies; 2/1/00.