Glossary of Key Terms

Arawak refers to Amerindian aborigines, who migrated from South America to the Greater Antilles Islands and established a culture based on fishing, hunting, and cassava farming. Arawak is also the language of these people.
Caribs are Amerindian peoples, who migrated from South America and conquered the Lesser Antilles and its Arawak populations, initiating the miscegenation of the two races. Carib is also the language of these people. Cassava is a tuberous root, which belongs to the manioc family and is cultivated in the tropical regions of the Americas. The root's nutritious starch is used to make a variety of foods including tapioca pudding and casabe (see note below).
Casabe is the Spanish translation for ereba (see ereba below).
Cimarrones are runaway slaves who escaped from European sugar plantations and settlements in the Antilles Islands in the XVI-XVIII centuries. They are most commonly African slaves. Dugu is the ………..
Egi is a wooden board with imbedded quartzite or sharp rocks. This instrument is used to grate cassava in the preparation of ereba.
Ereba is a traditional Garífuna bread made of cassava. This custom and its elaborate techniques to process the roots and prepare the bread were adopted from the Arawak.
Encomienda is a system of forced labor, whereby indigenous peoples are "entrusted" in the care of Spanish colonists in the New World.
Greater Antilles are the larger Caribbean islands of Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.
Garinagu is the Africanized word for "Garífuna," and is most commonly used to describe a multiple of Garífuna peoples. Many Garífuna people prefer to be called by this name. is the modern-day term for the Black Caribs, an Afro-Caribbean hybrid race, which
Island Carib are peoples of mixed Arawak and Carib descent, who primarily settled on Saint Vincent Island and developed a society based on hunting, fishing, farming, and warfare.
Lesser Antilles are the smaller Caribbean islands of Guadalupe, Martinique, Dominica, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago.