Biographies of Nicaraguan Artists
Portrait of Julie Aguirre by Claudia von Vacano.

Julie Aguirre (1954 - ). Self-taught primitivist painter who is renown for portraying the life of Nicaraguan women. Began painting in 1973. Her husband, a painter, was killed in the Sandinista Revolution. Has exhibited all over the world. (World Encyclopedia of Native Art p.91). Click here for interview.

Alejandro Canales (1945-1990). Feature exhibition, Düsseldorf, 1987. Murals in Seattle; Eugene, Oregon; Düsseldorf, Klagenfurt, and Vienna. Thirty-five group and individual shows. Has earned many awards. (Nuevo Amanecer Cultural, March 1990, pp.7-8).

Victor Canifrú (1951- ). Born in Chile, where he worked with Ramona Parra Brigades. Left for Costa Rica in 1974 after coup. Moved to Nicaragua in 1979. A famed singer, who accompanied fellow Chilean, Alejandra Acuña Moya. Collaborated with Ramona Parra Brigades on several murals.

Leonel Cerrato (1946 - ). Born in Estelí, Honduras. Farmhand at seven years-old and first schooling and pair of shoes at twelve years. Director of ENAPUM-DAS (1985 - 88). Has completed fourteen murals in France: in Evry, Lille, Marseilles, Montpellier, Paris (metro), Rennes, Saint Amand, Seclin, and Terrasson. Has painted murals in Graz, Klagenfurt, and Salzburg, Austria in 1989.

Collectivo Boanerges Cerrato - Named after his brother, who died in 1990 at age twenty-seven. Studied and worked at ENAPUM-DAS. After leaving this school and residing in Estelí, formed the collective artist group with Cecilia Herrera, Daniel Hopewell, Janet Pavone, Noelia, Leonel and Vicente Cerrato. Noelia currently lives in Managua and Leonel in El Viejo León.

Manuel García Moia (1936- ). Born in Masaya, Nicaragua. Studied under Rodrigo Peñalba since 1959. Exhibitions in Latin America, West Germany, France, Russia. Murals in Copenhagen and West Germany, 1981; and East Germany, 1985. (World Encyclopedia of Native Art p.254).

Olga Maradiaga - Primitivist painter from León, Nicaragua. Three murals in Germany; thirteen in Holland.

Federico Matus (1966 - ). Student at ENAPUM-DAS, 1985-88. Student and instructor, National School of Plastic Arts, 1990; School of Architecture, 1987-92. Military service, 1985-87. Murals in Germany, 1992. Collaborated with Reinaldo Hernández.

Sergio Michilini (1948 - ). Born in Italy. Trained at Academy of Fine Arts, Florence. Various murals and public sculptures in Varese province, Italy, 1971-88; Livorno, Italy, 1983; Coyoacán, 1984; and Mérida, México, 1993. Arrived in Nicaragua in 1982 and has worked there since 1984. Founded ENAPUM-DAS. Coordinator of ACRA (Italian Third World rural development organization).

Daniel Pulido (1956 - ). Born in Bogotá, Colombia. Expelled from School of Art, Bogotá in 1982. Many murals in Colombia were destroyed in 1972 earthquake. Exhibits in Latin America, former USSR and Bulgaria.

Leoncio Sáenz (1935- ). Born in Dalxila, Matagalpa, Nicaragua of Mayan descent. Studied at National School of Fine Arts. Several murals destroyed in 1972 earthquake. Exhibitions in Latin America, Russia, and Bulgaria.

Hilda Vogl (1930- ). Self-taught primitivist painter. Started painting at age forty-six. Exhibitions worldwide. (World Encyclopedia of Native Art p.600)