A Nation's Character and its Geographic Terrain

Many times the imagery used in art draws heavily from a country's landscape. Volcanoes, lakes and tropical climate of Nicaragua characterize its art. The geographic terrain is part of the nation's character. Take a look at Lake Managua

Where in the world is Nicaragua?
Nicaragua is in the heart of Central America. It is the largest country in Central America and it is a little larger than New York State. It is between 129,494 and 120,254 square kilometers.

What does the Nicaraguan landscape look like?
Nicaragua has many active volcanoes that range from the Golf de Fonsecas and Lake Nicaragua. There are two freshwater lakes in all of Central America and they are both in Nicaragua, they are Lake Nicaragua and Lake Managua.
There is a high incidence of earthquakes and volcanic activity in Nicaragua.

What is the weather like?
Nicaragua has many climates such as tropical rain forest and pine savannas. Between the Pacific lowlands and the Caribbean lowlands are the central highlands.

Where are some of these murals found?
There are murals throughout Nicaragua, but most of them are in the city San Carlos, the Island of Solentiname, the capital Managua and the city of Estelí. For more cities and examples of murals in these locations click on the map.