Art Historian
Introduction   We need your help. Thanks for joining us. As an art historian, you have a strong interest in preserving the cultural treasures of the world. Now you need to get a mental picture on how key issues in Nicaragua relate to this overall goal. You'll be guided to look closely at three main issues and to find examples (facts, statistics, quotations, etc.)
Definition   An art historian is a person who seeks to understand the world through the history of its art. Implicit in this definition is the art historian's desire to preserve art as a source for understanding.
Questions   Mural Themes:
What are the major themes in Nicaraguan murals?
And how should murals be classified among world art?
How are politics related to Nicaraguan murals?
What is happening to the murals today?

Websites to explore
Mural tour. from Expressions of Nicaragua Website
Julie Aguirre interview from Expressions of Nicaragua
Mural Destruction, from David Kunzle's The Murals of Revolutionary Nicaragua