ContraQuest: Background

Map of Nicaragua


This is a short activity designed to help you get better acquainted with Nicaragua and the main issues involving the Sandinista Revolution. Rather than tell you what these are, it makes more sense for you to discover them for yourselves.

Here are the steps

  1. Gather your teammates together. It's recommended that you have up to six individuals or 12 people working in pairs (mostly this will depend on the people in your class and the number of networked computers you have available).

  2. Have each person or pair choose one of the eight links below to explore.

    The task is to become acquainted with three things:

    • What do you know about the country of Nicaragua?
      (through brief historical, cultual, political overviews)

    • What are some of the different attitudes toward the history of the Nicaraguan Sandinista Revolution?
      (through political commentaries)

    • What is happening in Nicaraguan politics today?
      (through exploring sources for current events)

  3. Give yourselves 30 minutes of online reading, surfing, and thinking time to explore the link.

  4. As you're reading, consider the source of the information (any reason to doubt the truth of what you're

  5. After 30 minutes rejoin your teammates.

  6. Each person (or pair) should share the main issues that were discovered relating to Nicaragua.

  7. Then, as a group cluster the most important issues related to "What's going on in Nicaragua today?"

  8. When you've finished clustering, you're ready to return to Nicaragua Quest.

Nicaraguan Facts:
These links will help you prepare for your trip and offer an orientation into Nicaraguan political history. In particualr, think about how they describe the Sandinista Party and U.S. intervention in Nicaragua. While reading ask yourselves, what are the authors attitudes and who is their intended audience?

Travel Information:(Lonely Planet Guidebook)
Nicaragua Facts: Links provided by the Latin American Network Information Center
Nicaragua, World Fact Book CIA World Book

Nicaraguan History:
These links provide commentaries made about how to interpret the political history of Nicaragua. What is the author's opinion? What are the main issues that led to the Sandinista Revolution?

Political History
Political History Dialogue
Brief History
from the Expressions of Nicaragua Website,written by Claudia von Vacano, Stanford University Center for Latin American Studies

Current News:
How has the revolution affected Nicaraguans living in Nicaragua today? How do these press sources view the Sandinistas?

NicaNews Nicaragua's English-Language Newspaper
La Prensa Nicaraguan daily newspaper
Nicaraguan News from the Resource Center of the Americas