Nicaraguan Contra

Thanks for joining us. As a Nicaraguan Contra (during the 1980's), you have a strong interest in countering the Sandinista Revolution. Now you need to get a mental picture of how key issues in Nicaragua relate to this overall goal. You'll be guided to look closely at three main issues and to find examples (facts, statistics, quotations, etc.).

Definition   A Nicaraguan Contra is an anti- Sandinista guerrillas funded by the U.S. government.
Questions   Answer the following questions:
Contra Cause:
What is your cause?
What government supports your cause?

Sandinista Problems
Why are you fighting the Sandinistas?
What are the criticisms made against the Sandinistas?

Where are the Contras today?

Sandinista Errors: CIA and the Sandinistas
History of the Sandinista Government:Encyclopedia Britannica:
Sandinistas Revolution: Experience Nicaragua
Notes on Nicaragua from the U.S. State Department
News on the Contras Today