Nicaragua Quest: Group Report

  Your mission began with one step: exploring the history and politics surrounding the Nicaraguan Sandinista Revolution. The next step was to become familiar with a particular perspective through taking on a role. Now you've almost reached your destination: an informed and thoughtful opinion supported by research.

Now that you have each come together to discuss your opinions of the revolution, your group should set up some ground rules for how you will discuss the subject.

Below are some general rules to follow in your group meeting. Your group may not choose to adopt all of them. Whatever you do, each member of your group needs to be included so that your group opinion really reflects the group and comes from hearing the opinions of all your members.

Group Discussion Rules:

  • No one speaks twice before each person speaks once.
  • When you are not given the floor to speak, be listening
  • Be respectful of the perspectives and opinions of others

Now think about the original question posed:
What is your opinion of the Nicaraguan Sandinista Revolution?

Reflect on this and other questions posed earlier in a new light, now that you have taken on different roles. While you should all think about each of the questions, those who are in the roles listed next to the questions will have particular expertise on the topic.

What are different ways to view the Nicaraguan Sandinista Revolution?

Human Rights Activist
How were human rights involved? Did they improve during the Revolution?

International worker for the Nicaraguan Government
What was it like for people living in Nicaragua before the revolution? after the Revolution?

Art Historian
How have murals contributed to the revolution? How were they treated following the revolution?

U.S. Senator
How did the U.S. Intervention counter the revolution?

Nicaraguan Contra
What was the affect of the Contras?

Nicaraguan Teacher
How was education affected by the revolution?

Group Report   So now,
What is your opinion of the Nicaraguan Sandinista Revolution?

Describe what your opinion is and why your answers to the questions about, and your experiences as members of the team led you to that decision.

When you have finished recording your opinion in your report (as a website, paper, or other form) return to the Quest.