U.S. Senator

Thanks for joining us. As a U.S. Senator and you have a mission- to balance the goals of others and U.S. interests. Now you need to get a mental picture on how key issues in Nicaragua relate to this overall goal. You'll be guided to look closely at three main issues and to find examples (facts, statistics, quotations, etc.). After you've collected three examples for each issue, your job will be to put the information together into one statement that tells a "Truth" about that particular key issue related to why Contras want to counter the revolution.

Definition U.S. Senators are members of the Senate, one of two parts of the United States Congress (The House of Representatives being the other). The citizens of each state elect two Senators to serve 6 years terms. The Senate as a whole has many duties and responsibilities. Some of these include writing and passing laws, approving many presidential appointments, and ratifying treaties with other countries. In addition, individual Senators play many roles. These roles include being official members of the government, representing the people that elected them, and being members of a political party.
Questions U.S. View
1.What is the U.S. government view towards its history of relations with Nicaragua?
World View
2.What are the most important issues the world faces regarding Nicaragua?
Nicaraguan View
3.What is the Nicaraguan government's views?

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