International Worker

The government has hired you (from Great Britain) to be the head of the electric company and build a hydro-electric dam in Nicaragua. Your mission is to lead a group of Nicaraguans, solidarity workers, and other workers from abroad in completing the project and bringing electricity to the people to the town of Ayapal. Although you have become close with the people of the area, your main concern is your mission- not to uphold your political beliefs. It is an economic plan to raise the standard of living in that zone through the use of renewable resources and using micro-hydro as an energy base.Here is what another person who held the position before wrote about his experience. Read it and try to understand what it would have been like to be him. How would you feel?

Definition An international worker is a person from another country who has come to work for several reasons- these could include an interest in global awareness, a political sympathy, or a desire for experience, adventure, or financial success.
Questions Living during War
1.What was it like for you to live in a war zone?
Living Conditions
2.What were the living conditions like?
Carrying Arms
3. Do you think it would be appropriate to carry arms while working?

Websites to explore
The Death of Ben Linder
This website was put together by Don Maclay, the internationl worker, on whom this role is based.

Don's Journal.
In addition, your resources include exerpts from Don's journal about his experience.